Windows81 brand positioning

How will Microsoft brand position Windows 8.1 to consumers?

So you can preorder Windows 8.1 or preorder Windows 8.1 Pro starting today.

This begs the very obvious question: How will Microsoft position this Operating System update to consumers.

Consumers are (by now) familiar with Windows 8 and whether they link it or not, the brand is recognizable. The metro tiles, the consumer reactions and the controversy in the press are now hallmarks of Windows 8.

Now we are going into the holiday season, the question is, how is this going to play out?

It seems like Windows 8 is going to fade away and people will only be able to buy Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro at their Amazon or Best Buy stores. Microsoft will probably be very diligent about recalling Windows 8 product boxes so that stores are not stocking both software cases at the same time.

Very quickly, OEM’s will stop selling PC’s with Windows 8 and instead sell them with 8.1 and that will take care of the PC/Laptop/Tablet issue when you buy.

I guess the bigger question for me is, does the consumer even give a damn?

At this point is there even a need for a re-education campaign or is it self evident that this is just a “standard” pack of fixes to Windows 8?

Aaah, it’s late at night. Maybe I’m just rambling.

What do you think? How will Microsoft position this release to the consumer and will anyone even stop to notice?

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  • Raheem

    Dude, at this point, I simply don’t think people give a shit.

  • Ray C

    People already know 8.1 is coming out. Microsoft has already started marketing 8.1. People have been using the preview release, and others have been online giving it relatively positive reviews, even those that you can tell hate to sound too positive about Microsoft. There really isn’t anything they need to do. They just need to keep up the positive marketing campaign, and store employees need to do their job.

  • Mike Greenway

    You’re not tired, your old. A nap won’t fix it. (just kidding, but for me, it is true)
    But really, why should I worry about how they should position things, they can take care of that.