Windows Live is Microsoft’s suite of programs that has some programs installed directly on the computer and some programs that are run through a web browser. It was introduced in 2005 and hasn’t really gained as much traction as Microsoft probably expected it to.

All of that is about to change. Chris Jones, Microsoft’s Senior Vice President for Windows, Live demonstrated some of Windows Live’s new features such as Mail and Schedules at the BUILD conference last week.

Mail and schedules may not seem like a big deal, but if you watched the demonstration of Mail you would have noticed that the app had Exchange ActiveSync built in. This might mean that Microsoft is planning on making Outlook a part of Windows.

This might also mean that Microsoft is also going to try to stop using the Windows brand name as much on all of their products.

“Metro-style mail, is entirely HTML and JavaScript-based,” Jones Said. Basically, that means that the Windows Live Mail webpage has been rewritten as an app.

Also Jones made an interesting point that referred to Microsoft’s Access Control System, “All my mail accounts [are] in one place, and because they’re all stored in the cloud, I just type my Live ID into this PC and they all just come down into the system.

I don’t have to worry about setting things up any more, because all of the settings are done through Live.”


When Jones demonstrated the Photos app, he demonstrated Access Control System even more. Also, there was no mention of Windows Live anywhere. The app was connected to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and anything else that could have been used to display pictures.

All you had to do was sign into the app with your Windows Live ID. There was no additional sign in to any of the apps running in the background.

So if you post a picture to Facebook using your phone, the picture would automatically appear in the app in its own separate Facebook category.

But what if you could also share folders across your devices? Well that’s exactly what Jones expanded upon. Everyone would be able to share folders via SkyDrive without actually going through SkyDrive.

“Every Windows 8 user’s got a SkyDrive,” Jones said. “Every Windows Phone user’s got a SkyDrive. In fact, if you’ve got a Live ID, you’ve got a SkyDrive and it’s there for you to put your personal files and the things you want to share.

It’s also accessible to developers, and that’s an important thing because it lets you as a developer access SkyDrive the way you might have accessed the local file system.”

I think this would be amazing to have. Imagine uploading a picture to Facebook through a friend’s computer and then that picture would be on your computer waiting for you at home.

What do you think? Has Windows Live finally found its place in the world of Windows?

Please leave your comments below….

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  • Owais_503

    yes, Windows Live finally found its place in the world of Windows. i didnt  expect that much from microsoft.