HP and their mystery possible Windows 8 tablet surface again (pun very intended)

HP have released more marketing material showing a mystery tablet.

Some speculate that this will be a Windows 8 tablet and that since it is being used in a corporate setting, it might be a Windows 8 Pro tablet.

Here’s the thing – to me, that thing looks HEAVY. It also looks too wide and unwieldy.

I’m not sure HP are doing themselves any favors showing their Jumbo tablet this way.

Is it just me or does it look too big to you?

  • Sean Bamford

    Per slashgear.com it will weigh about 1.49 lbs and will be 9.2mm thin, which comparable to the new iPad. So, if this tablet is too big so is the iPad.

    • Rex

      But that is the thing, the iPad is too big. I use one on the subways in Tokyo, and I wish I could get a 7 inch. If the next iPad is smaller as the rumours say, what will MS do? I want a Windows 8 tablet, but I want something smaller. Are my choices still going to be limited to Android and Apple?

      • http://www.windows8update.com/ Onuora Amobi

        Rex, Apple might be granting your wish next month. 🙂

      • WillyThePooh

        I am now using a 7″ tablet and tell you what. It is too small to be useful. It is ok to view picture or video but not web surfing or other tasks.

  • Mark

    Nah, It’ll be kool. I don’t think anyone of HP’s profile will release a bad device at this stage in the game. Things are beginning to get very interesting and exciting. I run a Q550 with W8 Beta for business all day, every day. It has it’s chalenges but I love it because it just works (don’t mention the graphocs driver!). But I just can’t wait to upgrade to the real experience that some of the new devices are going to give us 😉