HP may be the biggest, or one of the biggest names in PC hardware, but like most PC hardware companies, it was found ball watching in the intense game of mobile devices.

The assault from increasingly powerful smartphones and increasingly popular tablets has meant that computers sales have started to straggle as consumers turn their attention to mobile devices. In fact, the latest forecasts pegs tablets to make up no less than 50 percent of overall PC shipments in 2014.

And while there are proven tablet champions in Apple and Samsung, and powerful contenders like Microsoft and Nokia, the situation is somewhat different when it comes to PC manufactures.

Their only hope seem to be the hybrids — devices that can be used both as laptops and tablet.

HP is also in this boat, and according to this report is now relying on these devices to boost sales for the holiday season. CEO Meg Whiteman, speaking at an analyst conference earlier this week, claimed that these innovative devices deliver the best of both worlds:

“I think it’s hard too early to tell how the demand for convertibles is going, whether it’s in the commercial space or consumer space. We’ve got a lot of convertibles in the market and so do our competitor. We’ll know after we get through the Christmas season.”

Now, HP is not the only one that is pushing these attractive convertible models running Windows 8.1. Several other hardware companies are in action on this front too. A whole variety of them are now available from companies like HP, Lenovo, even Dell and ASUS

But one thing is sure that while hybrids may be vying for consumer attention in the coming weeks, the companies will have to put up a good fight in order to chart some solid success.

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