HP is all in for Windows 8

Speaking at the Global Influencer Summit, executive vice president of HP’s Personal Systems group, Todd Bradley, affirmed that the firm will work with partners to gain a foothold in the tablet market.

“Our strategy is around partnering with Microsoft and bringing Windows 8 tablets to the market place. It’s not to say that this [partnership] is forever – markets evolve,” he told attendees during a Q&A session.

“Our products will probably have a more enterprise and small business focus than a consumer focus.”

Meanwhile Meg Whitman, CEO of HP also took the stage and reaffirmed HP’s commitment to its PC and printer businesses.

Whitman also said that money will be poured into research and development so HP can “bridge the gap between the consumer and enterprise market”.

HP is another vendor that really needs Windows 8 to be successful. It remains to be seen what types of devices the hardware maker can bring to the market and at what cost.

That is the one nagging issue that will not go away – affordability of hardware.


  • Rikikrik

    For once HP is working on the basis of it’s strengths (the enterprise market). This is whre they will succeed. But if they persist in making their own tablets or to go with someone else (say Google’s Android) they will fail. Enterprise want reliable partners and Windows has proven to be the most reliable partner of all when it comes to productive software.