The company, I am sure, is charmed with this newfound success. For HP, the Chromebook side of business is apparently flourishing. Flourishing enough to actually surprise CEO Meg Whitman.

She was speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco.

As CNET is reporting, the company head, this Monday, said that HP will continue to focus on its strategy of expanding beyond Windows now that it has seen such encouraging Chromebooks sales:

“Chromebooks have surprised us in the breadth of their field.

It is not just education, it is small business. It’s a broader appeal than I originally anticipated or we anticipated that it would be…it does appear there is a real life to Chromebook in the small to medium-sized business and even in corporate enterprise.”

Even in corporate enterprise, yikes!

Initially, these devices had the educational sector in their DNA, as companies launched Chromebooks primarily for students in schools. But they were quick to pique the interest of small businesses owners, and now even the enterprise users seem interested.

Then again, affordable as they are, they do a good enough job for everyday tasks like browsing the web, checking email and taking notes, even simple documents.

Microsoft just has to spare one eye on Chromebooks if these devices continue on this current trajectory.

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  1. HP save the BS. They’re one of the first to question sales of Microsoft products. Show me the money HP. Show me the sales. Show me anything that shows your excelling in Chromebook sales

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