HP Launches New Website To Help Users Make The Transition To Windows 8.1

Windows 8, when it launched, was greeted with equal amounts of surprise and concern. While technology savvy users had no trouble in quickly discovering the new OS, a lot of users were left a little uneasy by the radical new UI changes.

Now with Windows 8.1 out in the open, Microsoft and its partners have started campaigns to help end users come to grips with the brand new operating system.

HP has just launched a website for users that are having some trouble understanding the new user interface. Dubbed The Buzz, this new website brings pretty much all relevant information consumers need to make the most of Windows 8.1 and the devices it powers.

As the company says in the official description of the website:

“The new Windows has arrived, and it has people talking. You’ll find the 411 on Windows 8 right here. Browse HP and industry articles, watch videos, learn about new features and discover all the ways people are getting the most out of the new Windows.”

When it comes to such portals, this is as good as it gets.

From articles (like 8 Reasons to go with Windows 8.1, and List of Windows 8 Shortcuts) to video clips, app and product highlights, you will find a number of elements that may be of interest — for novice or experienced users alike.

Along with other major hardware makers, HP too is betting big on Windows 8.1, and this is a fine effort in helping users discover what is in store for them with Microsoft’s latest platform.

  • Ray C

    I think the difficulty of Windows 8.x is way overstated. Yes, some things are hard to figure out without instructions, but they amount mainly to a nuisance more than anything. I could probably sit down with anyone and in 15 minutes have them able to do whatever they need to do in Windows 8.1, unless they’re just determined that their way is the only way they can get anything to work.