HP is overtly steering customers back to Windows 7

In a move that seems to indicate that the jig is up for Windows 8, HP has begun to actively steer customers away from Windows 8 and back to Windows 7.

The large OEM has been emailing customers over the weekend noting that “Windows 7 is back.”

They have launched a news campaign offering customers $150 worth of savings to come back to Windows 7.


The Verge point out that:

In fact, if you browse to HP’s home section and navigate to desktop PCs then you’ll only be presented with Windows 7 machines by default as no Windows 8 PCs are listed until you start customizing the section using optional filters. The laptop section does include Windows 8 machines, but it also prominently advertises a Windows 7 laptop. Even HP’s all-in-one section promotes the company’s 21-inch Android-powered PC over Windows 8 alternatives.

Yup, the drip drip has begun. The jig is in fact up.

  • djcalico

    It’s smart. Windows 8 is aweful for the enterprise.

    • Ray C

      Why what exactly does enterprise need to do that can’t be done with Windows 8? And there is no one Enterprise. Different companies with different employees do different things

  • Macpaul Emeka Ekwueme

    HP is the most confused company that exists. Even in its worst state windows 8 is far much better than android on a desktop or for enterprise, yet they are promoting android desktops over their windows 8 ones. Well the society that shuns excellence in plumbing and extols shoddiness in philosophy will neither have pipes nor theories that hold water. So neither their android devices nor their windows devices will gain market share.

  • Ray C

    It’s too bad Microsoft can’t sue HP for such actions. If these companies would do more to push Windows 8.x products, there products would be selling much more.