HP say they aren’t threatened by Surface but…

You have to love corporate America.

HP are reacting calmly to Microsoft’s entry into the tablet world with their Surface device.

John Solomon, senior vice president of HP’s Americas printing and personal systems division had a pretty zen attitude about Microsoft’s foray into the device arena.

He made this statement about it to CRN:

“I believe Microsoft was basically making a leadership statement and showing what’s possible in the tablet space. Our relationship has not changed at all due to Microsoft’s announcement. In fact, I applaud it — I think it’s great that they are getting out in front and [showing] what’s possible.”

Sounds great right?

Until you realize that they haven’t committed to making any Windows RT devices at this point. Basically, they don’t care who eats up the Windows RT market because they may be staying out of that arena altogether.

It seems likes long as Microsoft doesn’t make “reference” x86 devices, HP will be happy.

Stay tuned.


  • 123321

    but the surface will come not only with Windows RT. later there will be the devices with Windows 8 Pro.