You may recall, back in 2011, HP tried to sell its PC division. The decision to leave the PC market altogether was perplexing, considering the company was the number one PC maker at that time.

It still is in second place, just behind Lenovo, at the moment.

Those blunt statements did not go all that well with people back then, and the unexpected nature of the decision caused a drastic drop in the company’s share prices. Eventually, Leo Apotheker, the CEO at that time had to take the fall and was fired.

New CEO Meg Whiteman spent a few years calming the waters, and with the past episode now faded from memory, the company is making another attempt.

According to the Wall Street Journal, HP is splitting itself in half — the company’s consumer and business divisions will become independent from each other. Meg Whitman will run the business group, while Dion Weisler will be heading the other division.

Apparently, HP wanted to sell its PC division to either Dell or Lenovo, but that did not happen.

Still, a pretty big shakeup for the PC hardware industry, which itself is no stranger to such momentous moves. Whether this will have any effect on actual sales and shipments, remains to be seen. Then again, a move like this will help the company regain focus on things that matter.

The company has confirmed the split, by the way.

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  1. I don’t know how they stayed in consumer market so long. I guess people like cheap crap

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