HP Starts Shipping The Pavilion x360 Convertible In Europe For $555

HP Starts Shipping The Pavilion x360 Convertible In Europe For $555

If you’ve just returned from a trip to Mars, then have I got news for you! The in things at the moment in PC hardware is the industry’s fondness of convertibles.

Windows powered tablets might not have set the world on fire, and the same can be said of notebooks that are suffering from declining sales. But two and two here in this case means eleven — all signs point to these hybrid devices selling well, because almost every vendor is developing one.

Lenovo, as a matter of fact, has scored a win with its Yoga line of devices.

And now HP has also made available a fiery red convertible, the Pavilion x360. The company first revealed it at MWC 2014, and back then promised that the 11-inch hybrid that can be used in four different modes would start shipping immediately.

But you know how these things go. The device has just now appeared on the official HP store in Europe.

It even won an award at the event that labeled it the best MWC 2014 product. And it is easy to see why, starting with the amazing price of just $555.

Yes, $555, folks, only $555, step right up!

An Intel Bay Trail (Pentium series) takes care of things under the hood, running at 2.16GHz, but Turbo Mode gets it as high as 2.39GHz. You also get a 10-point HD capacitive multi-touch display, 4GB RAM and 500GB of hard disk space.

HP has, however, managed to cut corners in a few areas, in order to meet the price point. This is most notable in the 1366 by 768 resolution and a battery life that is rated at just 4 hours.

If you can live with limitations like this, then this 2-in-1 could just be the device for you, more so if premium hybrids like the Lenovo Yoga are out of range

  • Emily W

    This price really is pretty good. I think it looks awesome, but I’ve had issues with HP in the past, so I am usually cautious with their hardware.

  • Wayne S

    Wow this price cannot be beat! Well done HP! Let’s see how it works when the reviews are in.

  • Ray C

    Good price. I can’t wait for the days when a device like this is sold for an even greater price, say around $450

  • Bill Franklin

    Award winning and $555 dollars. Still expensive for a lot of folks, but definitely good job nonetheless. Great info on what they did to lower their costs, Elaine. Thanks