The Age of Affordable! HP is the latest company to partner up with Microsoft and launch budget tablets, with the HP Stream 7 slate arriving to the party in style.

Up until now we have seen a number of Chinese company launch their affordable solutions, or you can say white label Chinese companies. But key players are not far behind. Toshiba was one of the first big name manufacturers to roll out such a device, the Encore 2 which retails for $199.

And now a new slate running Windows 8.1 with Bing has just been spotted.

It is the HP Stream 7, which comes with a 7-inch display and houses an Intel Bay Trail processor. The European listing prices this at €179 ($234), but the US and international prices are expected to be a few steps lower.

The device might sell for the $199 mark when it launches in the United States.

A roundup of the remaining hardware specifications? A 1280 x 800 pixels display, an Intel Atom Z3735G processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB storage capacity come standard. And as the image above shows, the slate lacks a front facing camera, though it comes with a rear snapper.

HP has designated the Stream moniker for its budget lineup of device, it seems. Last we heard, the HP Stream 14 laptop was being readied for launch, again, for the sweet price of $199.

The Age of Affordable is well and truly here!

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  • Mike Greenway

    Please excuse my ignorance but how can windows 8.1 run on 1GB of RAM?

    • James Bell

      Windows 8.1 Update 1 allows it to run on as low as 1GB of RAM. Microsoft is attempting to make Windows as Android-like as possible (requirement wise).

      • Bill Franklin

        Wow that’s neat. I didn’t know that. Nice information James!

        • James Bell

          Anytime 🙂

      • Mike Greenway

        I heard about that but my system (w/ 8.1 update 1) alone uses 1.5 to 2 with all other programs closed. It must uses it if you got it and not if you don’t. Is that right?

        • James Bell

          I’m not sure, but I’m assuming the 1GB requirement is only for 32-bit systems. 64-bit by nature has trouble addressing less than 2GB of RAM. Is your installation 64-bit?

          • Mike Greenway

            64-bit. Right now, I’m running Outlook 2013, IE 11 plus Task Manage and using only 1.8/8.0 GB(21%) I did look for and notice the improvement of update 1 right after I installed it.
            Thank You and have a good one.

  • Ray C

    I just can’t trust HP products anymore. If you’re not going to stand behind the products you sell, why should I buy from you

    • Mike Greenway

      What happened in the past with You and HP? (The only thing I have ever got of their’s is the monitor I’m using now.)

      • Ray C

        I wouldn’t say anything specific happened with them in the past, although I’ve never had HP or Compaq computer I thought was quality. I had a few printers that were good I guess. What I’m speaking of is I don’t trust buying a Windows 8 product from a company that has none everything they can possibly do to distance themselves from Windows 8. I just don’t trust it.

        • Mike Greenway

          Good answer, I don’t trust there leader as far as I could throw her.

    • OnTheWrite

      HP is not the company it used to be, but then again what is? For more than 20 years I was a HP customer, until I bought my first ThinkPad.

    • RavinderSaini

      HP makes awful products, would never buy their product ever again.

  • DK

    I don’t know about this. I’m all for affordability, but just how nicely does this Bing tablet run? I’d really love a personal review or account of the tablet before I consider it a good deal, even for that price.

    • Mike Greenway

      Me too.