If there is one thing you can be sure of in the coming weeks, it is a whole bunch of product announcements, as hardware vendors scurry and scamper to release new models ahead of the anticipated Windows 8.1 launch.

We have already seen a few such devices unveil from the likes of Toshiba, Dell and more.

And now HP has brought out its Spectre 13 line of ultra sleek devices. In fact, the hardware vendor launched a whole bunch of products earlier today, but the Spectre seems to be in a league of its own.

Available in two variants, a standard touch enabled ultrabook, and another as a detachable hybrid, these gorgeous devices fly in as either the Spectre 13 or the Spectre 13×2.

The convertible hybrid, Spectre 13×2, for instance allows the possibility of removing the display. And once you do that you end up with a tablet that offers both power and precision — a 13-inch slate powered by an Intel Haswell processor and offering a 1080p display.

Users will be able to quickly switch to laptop mode by attaching it to the keyboard, which actually comes with an embedded second battery for prolonged work hours. USB, HDMI and SD Card slots are all in.

Impressively, however, this particular device does not come with a fan, meaning a more innovative, serene and noise free computing experience is on offer.

The vanilla Spectre 13 ultrabooks is no slouch either.

Housed in a thin and slim casing, made of machined aluminum, this is one solid laptop. It also includes an extra wide (or super wide, in this case) touchpad with wings that gives users access to Windows 8 edge gestures without actually touching the touchscreen.

You can read up on the hardware specs of this Spectre here at HP’s official blog, and of particular note is the mouthwatering IPS touchscreen with a 2560 by 1440 pixels resolution, translating into a 221 ppi pixel density.

Preorder for the Spectre 13×2 start October 16 with prices beginning at $1,099 — same goes for Spectre 13, but its pricing starts at $999.

Nevertheless, it can be said with reasonable surety that hardware vendors are bringing the goods this year, unlike the launch of vanilla Windows 8.

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