Variety is the spice of life, unless you are looking to buy a Windows Phone 8 handset. Unfortunately, there just isn’t tons of brands or models available for your purchasing pleasure. With Nokia have a few choices, but what about HTC?

In the United States, the HTC simply has the 8X. While this is a solid phone, not everyone is looking for a bleeding-edge device. This is why HTC had a lower end device, the HTC 8S. Unfortunately, those that were interested in the mid-range Windows Phone are going to have to look towards Nokia instead.

HTC has confirmed they want to focus solely on their flagship 8X here in the United States and will not be bringing the HTC 8S over to the United States.

The only “solution” if you want a HTC 8S in the United States is to import it. Considering the costs associated with doing that, it’s probably not worth the effort, though. The good news is that Nokia still has solid mid and high-end alternatives, and HTC’s 8X isn’t all that expensive to begin with for those that want an HTC device.

Honestly, this news isn’t the end of the world, but it’s nice to have handset options. Android has seen a great deal of success largely because there are tons of options in different sizes, styles (sliders, etc) and weights. If Windows Phone 8 wants to succeed, having a larger range of devices needs to be a priority in my opinion.

What do you think, should HTC have released the HTC 8S or does it really not matter?

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