Previously known as the General Distribution Release 3, Microsoft has recently made official the next version of Windows Phone 8. And now we are slowly receiving reports of when wireless carriers around the globe are planning to roll out the new firmware.

It will still be a staged rollout, granted, but Sprint customers that own the HTC 8XT will be pleased to know that the carrier has just started the roll out of the aforementioned update.

Sprint has confirmed on its support site that the smartphone is eligible for this upgrade, so if you own an HTC 8XT you might want to check your phone for availability.

The company has also put up an official changelog that sheds more light on what Update 3 brings. And according to the details, this update offers improvements in streaming audio and accessibility, plus a fair amount of minor enhancements that Microsoft has built into this new version of its mobile OS.

And as mentioned above, this will be a staged rollout — as is usually the case — and may take several days before it is delivered. The solution, if you do not get the notification, is to check back later.

Update 3, of course, brings plenty of much awaited improvements to Windows Phone 8 for current hardware, including screen rotation lock, better storage management, among others.

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    Sprint really needs to market this phone more.