HTC, BlackBerry And Motorola Getting Ready To Say Goodbye To The Tablet Game

Of all the different spheres of computing technologies, tablets are the ones that are said to possess the brightest future. A future, some say, is even more vibrant than what the increasingly saturated mobile and smartphone market promises.

With stakes so high, it comes as no surprise that battle for tablet supremacy is fierce.

Companies like Apple and Samsung may be running the show, but to play the tablet game one needs deep pockets and even deeper desires — smaller players almost always struggle to make a name for themselves here.

And now this report is suggesting that several smaller companies have lost hope, and are looking to back out from the tablet business, even as other bigger ones aim high.

Industry sources have floated up three name that could soon abandon their tablet plans, and this short list includes companies like HTC, BlackBerry and Motorola. Obviously, all three companies that are rumored for exit have had it tough in the smartphone business as well.

But increased competition from companies that have brought out affordable models with price tags lower than $200 has played a part. As of right now vendors like Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and Samsung are eying and targeting this price range.

At the same time, there are other hardware vendors looking to gear up in this department.

Microsoft has already made some splashes in this regard, while companies like Nokia, LG and Sony are still rather active in the market and are ready to debut new models in the coming months.