Windows Phone 8’s momentum continues to pick up as both the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 are doing quite well in stores. Now it seems that the HTC 8X is getting its first update. What makes this update special for Microsoft and Windows Phone is that it is over-the-air.

In the past, Windows Phone 7.x required you to tether your phone to your PC and use Zune software to get the upgrade. This shows just how far Windows Phone 8 has come when compared to WP7.

The OTA build brings the software from 9905 to 10211. Some of the new changes include a way to keep Wi-Fi connected all the time, general bug fixes, rebooting fixes and more. It is worth noting that the HTC 8x is getting international unlocked updates right now, but owners with carriers like AT&T and Verizon might have a bit longer to wait.

For now, the HTC 8X remains the only Windows Phone 8 handset to have received such an update, though Nokia is likely preparing similar fixes for the rebooting issues and battery life problems that some have reported with the Lumia 920.

Do you own an HTC 8X? Have you received the update yet, if so, what is your carrier?

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