Successful Android vendors like Samsung and HTC have the luxury of practically repacking their flagship smartphones with the Windows Phone operating system, but they rarely move in with this.

However, HTC has been expected to release a Windows Phone 8.1 handset by the end of this year, and it appears that this will indeed arrive on the store shelves as an HTC One M8 variant — loaded with Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 no less.

The Verge reports that this new smartphone is being primed for arrival before the end of the year.

And HTC might even develop a few extra bells and whistles for the handsets, like something similar to the Dot View case that was released for the Android HTC One M8.

Microsoft’s Phone Cover Apps feature will be put to good use in this case — pun intended.

What are missing at the moment are the hardware specifications of this upcoming Windows Phone flagship. We can assume that the device will feature the same circuitry as its popular Android counterpart, though one can always hope for some improvements here and there.

Although no official confirmation has emerged on this up until now, the source is fairly reliable, and it appears it will not be long before HTC officially introduces this long anticipated and welcome device.

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  • Dtt23

    Nice collaboration and a big get for Microsoft. Windows Phone will definitely look nicer and sleeker on an HTC like the one in the picture! Great hardware option.

  • Ray C

    Great news. All we need is for these OEMS to start putting pressure on the these developers to make apps. They need to tell them “if you want apps our the phones we sell, they need to be on all the phones we sell “

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