A bunch of new companies are expected to join the Windows Phone camp in the near future, but rumors about the current fantastic four (Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei) stir the most interest.

More so if the gossip is about one of these companies exiting the Windows Phone party.

Take last week for instance, when rumors claimed that the Taiwanese hardware giant was planning to ditch the Windows Phone platform and go into Android overdrive. But the company quickly reaffirmed its dedication to Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

HTC’s senior Global Communications Manager in a reply tweet to Mary Jo Foley confirmed that the phone maker was still committed to Windows Phone. In other words, the recent rumors of them moving away to Android were just that — rumors.

In an interesting little, nicely crafted tweet, the senior executive confirmed the good news:

“The 8X is awesome! Contrary to what DigiTimes reported, we are absolutely dedicated to our Windows Phone lineup.”

Nice to see the rumors laid to rest. The Windows Phone platform could do with as big a push as it can get from partners — particularly now that it has mustered up the desired amount of traction. And judging by how things are going, it just may.

Insider sources have once again confirmed that the Windows Phone flavor of the HTC One is incoming. And the deluxe smartphone is said to be unveiled this fall.

Rumored specifications that have surfaced include a 4.7-inch 1080p Super LCD 3 screen (HTC loves this type of display, that’s for sure), 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, rounded up by Beats audio capabilities.  And as you would expect, it will be powered by the GDR3 update.

With Nokia and Samsung both expected to debut a new line up of smartphones and phablets, the outlook has never been brighter for Microsoft’s fledging mobile OS.

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  • Ray C

    HTC is a mess right now. They’re not going to be able to compete with Samsung in the Android market. They’re falling farther and father behind Nokia in Windows Phone, and they made themselves look so out sorts allowing rumors to float around that they were ditching Windows Phone. I think they saw the writing on the wall and finally started to believe the general consensus that they were about hop off a train that was just about to really get rolling. They need to double-down and see if they can out-do Nokia in Windows Phone dedication. Sprint and Verizon are offering great deals on their phones. They should be out there pushing that.

    • DCJason

      I agree. My first Windows phone (in the UK back in 2004) was a HTC and I used to love their clever design. But in the past 5 years, I’ve not seen anything different about their Windows phones. They really have let Microsoft down. I’m now a re-convert of Nokia and enjoying my 920