Boy, if you wanted more proof of just how competitive and complex the hardware (and in particular, the mobile) field is, look no further than HTC. The Taiwanese smartphone maker has brought to market several amazing devices in the past few years.

But despite this, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse recently.

The company is showing no immediate signs of recovery — it has silently laid off 30 employees and contractors from its American division. Prior to the layoff, HTC America had around 150 employees, meaning 20% of its US workforce has just been fired.

Initially, however, HTC did not make any comment on this. But the folks over at The Verge were able get their hands on a letter from Jason Mackenzie, the President of HTC America which sheds some light behind the reasoning of these layoffs.

According to the letter, HTC believes that its business results have not been up to the mark where the company wanted them to be.

Mackenzie further states in the letter that the company would treat the impacted employees with the respect they deserved and provide them with resources to help bridge them to their next opportunity.

The letter can be read in full at the link above.

Depending on who is doing the talking, HTC has often been described as the second most important Windows Phone partner, behind Nokia. There are rumors that the company plans to bring new Windows Phone devices to the market this fall.

And while these drastic measures are, in many ways, necessary to ensure the long term future of the company, here is hoping that it manages to turn things around soon.

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  1. They simply don’t have enough Android or Windows Phones on the market. They can’t be a one or two trick pony. Everyone knows about the HTC One and the 8X. I don’t know anyone who can name more than one HTC or more than one variant of the HTC one unless they got whatever phone their budget carrier offered. They need to get more phones out and they need to try to out-Nokia Nokia in the Windows Phone space.

  2. This is what would have happen to Nokia if they went the Android route. Samsung basically owns Android and it’s hardtop compete with Sony, LG, Samsung, HTC and others in the Android world. Nokia basically owes the Windows sphere and that’s a good thing

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