Windows Phone Update 3 (previously known as GDR3) brings around a lot of things, but for owners of HTC smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile platform, they bring some extra joy.

The latest update to the operating platform has just started rolling out earlier this week, and reportedly a many HTC users have received notifications to update their handsets. But they are also getting a neat little special feature — one that is not part of the official changelog.

As reported on WPCentral, this issue was first brought to light a few days ago with HTC 8X and HTC 8XT users being able to charge their phones without turning them on.

The feature has been missing from the time Windows Phone launched, and for some power users this was a fair bit inconvenient having to boot up their phones before they could be charged.

Now however, these two aforementioned handsets when plugged in do not boot up, but instead simply show the HTC logo and then a charging battery icon — the operating system is not actually loaded.

This is a small feature, but handy nevertheless, and a good option to have.

Plus, the Windows Phone platform needs are tiny improvements like these right now. It is an arguable point whether killer features are more important than these little refinements, but attention to detail never hurt anybody.

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