We are fast approaching that time of the year when smartphone companies unveil their new flagships and product refreshes. Nokia is said to be busy with its new phablet, but gossips about HTC are also gathering pace.

Gossips, both in the sense of whether the Taiwanese marker is still committed to the Windows Phone platform after Microsoft confirmed the buyout of Nokia’s handset unit, and new products that HTC plans to release.

And now we may just have more information on a new HTC smartphone that is expected to hit the store shelves later in the year, with a bright new 4.7-inch display.

The company, as you may be aware, has not launched a new handset for a while now. The last one to arrive was the HTC 8XT, which of course, was the Sprint flavor of the HTC 8X. But now a new handset is coming soon from the land of Taiwan.

This post is claiming that the company is preparing to release a Windows Phone version of its popular HTC One flagship. This upcoming smartphone is expected to be called the HTC Harmony, and is reportedly heading for a fall unveiling.

Now, this is not the first time this has been reported, so this is just another unofficial confirmation.

And no surprises here, either — HTC, like Samsung, seems to be going for the highly effective strategy of repurposing and repacking the technology used on popular Android devices, and bringing it to Windows Phone. This undoubtedly saves research and development costs.

Additionally, this new device is said to pack Beats Audio technology inside, with 32GB of internal storage, double the amount available in the HTC 8X.

The HTC UltraPixel camera, on the other hand, is not confirmed, but this new handset will most likely run Windows Phone 8 GDR3. The handset could be powered by a more powerful chipset than current HTC devices, and should become the fastest HTC Windows Phone around once it releases.

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  1. I’d like to to have this one because a lot of people rave about the HTC One, but I’ll probably have to wait until the Windows Phone 9 version comes out. A completely brand new model is out of my price range for now

  2. Sounds nice, but I just love what Nokia bring to the table with all it’s apps.

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