Huawei Confirms That It Is Still In The Windows Phone Game

When Microsoft made the Nokia deal official earlier this month, it initiated a web of speculation of the long term future of the Windows Phone platform. Not just for current partners, but other companies that may be planning to jump into the game.

Obviously, when the very source of a mobile platform snaps up the business of its largest partners, fears do arise on just how committed the remaining independent companies would be.

Well, now you can lay to rest these fears for at least one partner — Huawei.

The Chinese smartphone maker has had a good week or so to reflect on the situation, and has just indicated that it plans to remain in the Windows Phone game, and will be bringing new Windows Phone devices to the market as planned.

The Wall Street Journal carries a quote from Richard Ren, the head of Huawei’s consumer division in Europe, who confirms the news in a short and simple statement:

“We will continue to develop devices running Windows Phone, and launch more products … We remain one of Microsoft’s strategic partners.”

This will undoubtedly be encouraging news for Microsoft, and the company would love to hear similar statements from the two other Windows Phone partners — HTC and Samsung. Though HTC has recently said that it is assessing the situation, the Korean company has been rather quite up until now.

Huawei, so far, has only released one Windows Phone so far, the Ascend W1.

The company is reportedly gearing up to launch another handset powered by Microsoft’s mobile operating system, the successors to its first device, the Ascend W2. This new device is slated for release sometime later this year.