Well, here we are with some smack talk for the Windows Phone platform. Been a while, actually. This time Huawei is taking a dig at Microsoft’s mobile OS, with some very choice words.

Very choice words, and more than a little generalization.

Sure, there may be some truth to this, but the fact remains that many of these hardware vendors and Windows Phone partners did not bring their A-game to the party. HTC found some early success with the 8X and 8S, but quickly put the foot off the pedal.

Samsung and Huawei did not even get started.

The former has built a lot of momentum on Android, but it reportedly put its Windows Phone plans on hold earlier this year. That, after commenting that Microsoft’s platform is not open enough.

However, the company made it no secret that it lost out on the venture, and its bitterness was evident in the declaration that Windows Phone does not factor into its immediate mobile strategy.

A company executive by the name of Kelly had this to say last month:

“We didn’t make any money in Windows Phone. Nobody made any money in Windows Phone.”

These remarks came when journalists were invited to Huawei’s research and development labs, and it is hard to deny what the Chinese company is claiming here. Even though there have been companies like Nokia and Qualcomm that benefited from the platform, others can’t say the same.

Things were slow to pick up, and if the opposite was true, we’d surely have seen some more hustle from companies like Samsung and HTC on the Windows Phone front.

Microsoft is currently the only major vendor pushing the platform forward.

That’s not to say that the fortunes will not change. Forecasts are not always the most accurate of things to go by, but market research firms are positive that Windows Phone has turned a corner, and is set for notable growth in the near future.

But will companies like HTC, Samsung and Huawei, even LG, mark their return to the platform?

That be the million dollar question.

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  1. I am probably one of the few who own a Samsung ATIV S. Which is basically an S4. It’s a great phone! When I upgrade, it’ll be a Lumia.

  2. Hmmm, I’m always more than a little suspicious of competitors claims. I don’t know one person, with a Windows phone, that doesn’t love them. I have android currently, but I’m dumping Google for Microsoft just as soon as I can upgrade my phone, MS looks to be trying harder than Google or Apple in wanting to satisfy their customers. Just sayin’.

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