What makes a tablet successful? Productivity? Entertainment options? A little bit of both? Microsoft is preparing for its tablet push with Windows 8 and I believe they have the potential to do really well.

That being said, they need to give consumers reasons to consider the Surface and other Microsoft Windows 8/RT devices. Having Office and other productivity capabilities is a good start. The existence of full USB and the potential to use tons of existing accessories also helps.

That being said, Microsoft can’t just focus on productivity. Their multimedia efforts need to be solid as well.

We’ve already seen Microsoft’s Xbox Music service, and that’s a good start. What else can they do? They need the latest and most popular entertainment and television apps. Good news- Microsoft already has this lined up. They have already released a Netflix app. Now we have Hulu coming in a few days.

The new app is very metro-themed and will even come pre-loaded on many tablets including Sony and Acer devices. Hulu says that the new app “presents you with an immersive panorama of your favorite shows and episodes laid out in a wide canvas.”

Scrolling, using the menu and doing everything you’d normally do in the web browser version is supposed to be much more intuitive here. The only bad news (though not surprising) is that this is a Hulu Plus only app, no free accounts will work here.

So what does having Hulu and Netflix mean for Microsoft? It opens the door for many consumers. Sure, most of us want 100,000+ apps, but there are only a handful of apps that are absolute dealbreakers that you better have or else we won’t even consider your platform – Hulu and Netflix are on that list.

I have said more than once that Microsoft doesn’t need to have millions of apps on launch day, just the best ones around. So far they seem to be doing exactly that, which is an encouraging sign.

Now we just need Windows Phone 8 to get the app as well. Considering how very similar it is to develop apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, this is actually not all that unlikely. Windows Phone users have had Netflix for a very long time, but having access to Hulu could be a very big deal.

What do you think about Hulu and Netflix coming to Windows 8? Do you hope the release of Hulu for Windows 8 means a Windows Phone 8 version is also in the works?

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