I have to admit – Kayak for the Windows Store is a really good application

Kayak for Windows 8 is a really cool application. There I said it.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be highlighting some of the better apps that are available in the Windows Store in Windows 8.

Kayak is a website/web application that enables you to find and book cheap flights, hotels, vacations and rental cars. Their pitch is that it allows you to search hundreds of travel sites at once.

I played with Kayak on my Windows 8 Tablet and really liked the look and feel.

Some screenshots below.

I did a sample travel query so you could check out some of the graphics.

Once you have your location, date, guests and room information entered, you hit search. You get a gorgeous set of Hotel tiles that pop up showing an assortment of potential locations for your stay in Paris.

Kayak Hotel Selection Screen

Kayak Hotel Selection Screen

I pick a hotel and click on it’s tile – La Reserve Paris. At that point, the tile opens up to show the hotel’s details.

I can see a highlighted photo, a Bing Map and a gallery of that hotel’s photos…

Kayak - a hotel selected

Kayak – a hotel selected

A sample photo from that hotel.

Kayak - Sample hotel gallery photo

Kayak – Sample hotel gallery photo

Once you decide to select this hotel, you head back to the hotel page and click on the (obscure) link beneath the main highlighted photo.

At that point it will send you to your selected browser to finish the transaction.

kayak on Windows 8 send to purchase

kayak on Windows 8 send to purchase

That’s it. Pretty simple and straight forward.

That does raise some questions about how vendors will use Metro apps. Will they use Metro just for presenting information and media (graphics, movies etc) or will they use Metro for the full transaction life cycle?

Hopefully they use it for the full transaction because it seems a little jarring to leave Metro for ANY reason.

Having said that, it was a great experience and shines on Windows 8 Tablets.