I need your help to establish Windows 7 sales in the Fortune 500

So here’s the deal.

My buddy Marc and I made a bet a year or more ago and I need your help to make my $500.

He basically bet that by the summer of 2011, I would not be able to name 10 (just ten) companies in the Fortune 500 who are officially using or seriously considering using Windows 7.

By seriously considering, he meant testing business units or organizational divisions on it.

I blogged about this here a little while ago but haven’t been able to make any headway.

I emailed Microsoft and their response was..

“Thank you for your call earlier this afternoon. Unfortunately, we don’t break out our statistics this way, but please do see the Windows for your Business blog where you can find a steady stream of customer evidence about Windows 7. Please let me know if I can be of further help here.”

So, I need your help!

Here’s the list of companies in the Fortune 500.

If you work in any of these companies and have Windows 7 officially installed, please do me a favor.

ANONYMOUSLY use the comment form below (with a fake email address) and tell me Company Name and whether you have deployed Windows 7 or are just testing.


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