So I want to try something a little different about Windows 8 on the site but I need your help.

We’ve been through the Windows 8 Developer Preview and been through the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

I know that at this point, most of you reading this have an opinion about what Microsoft have done with Windows 8 so far.

That’s great – I’d love to hear them.

There’s one catch though.

Just a second

Just a second

I need you to cut out the BS comments. If you want to say Windows 8 sucks or you hate it just because, look around on the site and leave that comment elsewhere.

I’m trying to do something different here.

I think it would be cool to have a thoughtful, objective discussion about the things you like or don’t like about Windows 8 from what you know so far.

I need the comments to be substantive and thoughtful. Think about what you like and what you can’t stand and simply say why.

Pretend that the folks at Microsoft are reading this (which they probably will), what would you like them to know that they have done right or wrong?

I’ve created two different pages.

Microsoft is going in the RIGHT direction with Windows 8 – Click Here


Microsoft is going in the WRONG direction with Windows 8 – Click Here

Leave comments on either or both pages – up to you.

I’ll be watching the comments on both pages and heavily moderating.

Please share with your friends.. I’m trying to get as much detailed feedback as possible.

Thanks for your time…


About the Author

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • xinu

    Ok, I currently have a love / hate relationship with windows 8. I like the that Microsoft is trying to create a unique new exPerience, but I hate metro on a pc and laptop. What works great on a desktop does not work well on a laptop and desktop. Apple seem to understand this , and carefully. Goose their iOS style functionality in Os x.

    I have found myself using metro more often as I got used to it, but I don’t enjoy it as much as the traditional windows layout. It simply works with a mouse and keyboard. Whilst testing the customer preview I have been trying to come up with good reasons why I should upgrade to windows 8, and somehow I cannot convince myself it’s a worthy upgrade. For me (a power user) windows 8 does not have the same appeal win 7 had after do and vista. In my opinion win 8 is a glorified service pack with a nice new interface. I think the new interface will end up confusing users ( in particular oldeinterface and discourage them from upgrading.

    For now I dont think I will upgrade, I don’t see enough reasons to justify the expense.

  • andrew

    windows 8 developer and consumer i find one problm with both its ok other than when i just ran it on my pc,after awhile about a hour are more in my computer i av notice that my dvd drives is missing ,i av to restart my pc or or went to device manager and scan for hardware changes ,can u tel me why?.my pc is in good condition cause i try windows 7 or xp and it dnt happen to them.

  • John E Reese

    My IT side says no to Windows 8, there nothing gain in the business side.  In fact the Metro will be great pain in my back side.  Metro has nothing for business user. 

    My home user side say yes to Windows 8, the Metro will be great addition to Windows for people who like their Smart phone or Ipads.  The home user can gain easy access to Web or eMails or simple games.  When you need to write a letter or spreadsheet then you still have old work horse in desktop.

  • Donnie Anderson

    I have not tried Windows 8 at this time, I have not found where it will offer anything for me.  If they will remove Metro for Laptop’s and Desktop’s I may try it.  I do not need Metro, I do not have a touch screen nor do I have any plans to purchase a touch screen anytime in the future.  I do not have a spare Laptop or PC that I can risk for testing, I waited until Beta on Windows 7, and plan to try Windows 8 when they release the Beta as I will be running live office data on this Laaptop.

  • Tony Forrest

    I do prefer my desktop PC to have the old Start Button and usual layout. I have also found that periodically the Windows side bar will freeze the PC for a few moments and will not open at times forcing me to reboot the system. I have a high spec system and may very well return to my W7 Ultimate (64).

  • LL

    I think Microsoft should release 2 versions of Windows 8. The first should be like Windows 7 for everyday computer stuff as it’s always been. The 2nd should be Windows 8 Metro for people with touch screens etc. Or for people who like the new approach. That way, users will get what they want. I honestly think Microsoft are going to be losing a lot of time and money on a operating system that most people don’t feel comfortable with.

    • Saeed Kheiree

      Yes… this is good idea that microsoft release 2 versions for windows 8

  • Toppy_1974

    I agree with LL.  2 versions of Windows 8 would be perfect. A “Desktop” version and a “Metro” style version.  I don’t think Windows 8 has much to offer, they should stick to a tried and tested formula. I honestly do not like the new metro style, I much prefer the Windows 7 look.  The “Start” button is classic Microsoft and removing that and forcing people into learning Windows 8 new functions is going to be a pain.  I say release 2 versions and keep the “Start” button in the “desktop” version and remove it in the “Metro” version and see how that goes…

  • Snailn

    I was disappointed that it used more resources than Windows 7 did.  It installed OK on a P3 with 512 MB Ram but most apps won;t run.  Same machine ran Windows 7 beta just fine.

  • Zakill0116

    I like windows 8 customer preview. But there is a problem with my window pad. I bought Windpad from MSI and installed windows 8 and I tried everything with the pad. And I realized one of the new funtions didn’t work. Seperating screen for multi windows is the most innovative feature I think but didn’t work for my pad. 🙁

  • Daniel Gray

    I like the new Windows 8, the only things I cannot stand about it are very few and mostly easily changed. 1. I want the start button back! 2. I want to be able to make the gui look like XP or win7 without having to tell it over and over that yes I really wanted to do what I did. 3. I want the addition that Linux versions have, and that would be that nothing is installed without permission from the operator. This would kill script kiddies and spambots and quite a few viruses. 4th Make an easy HD backup that covers EVERYTHING on the HD, that way you could take a snapshot of the HD and place it on say a WD passport HD and if the HD fails, then all you need do is connect the external HD and just ghost the entire thing back to the new HD and you are off and running again. And lastly, PUH-LEAZE get rid of this freaking Metro! Not everyone wants to place their stuff in a “cloud” especially since MS cannot make sure it wont be hacked and then all who are in the cloud now lose their stuff.

    They do this and Windows 8 will kick Apples bum all over the net.

  • Blue2_id3

    – boot up times
    – GUI (excluding metro)
    – BSODS / need more information about the BSODS.
    – METRO, that crap for PC users will get them nowhere
    – The start menu and layout of apps and etc. BRING/ IMPROVE THE WIN7 START MENU

  • Bsr

    I like windows 8 i general but ewerytime they put out a new version there are a lot of programs that stops working and im not sure if its to close holes i security fore example im runnin vsphere from vmware and that doesent run propperly in windows 8 and other programs has hickups too! 🙂

  • Fedriu74

     hello: I completely agree with the writer below LL.
    Start menu in windows 8 Deprecated and more difficult for office computer.
    Would be better to start two versions of menus,the customer to decide on any.

  • Libo911

    have no online book for me to study w8. I think because it is too new, no related sourses are there yet. thanks.

  • Daryl Kane

    I agree with @68dc0fa1dd905c6bc33520a97e6e1653:disqus 

  • Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani

    Dear Onuora,
    Far before the COMMAND.COM with both IBMDOS.COM and IBMBIO.COM are still in hidden archives system file, Microsoft changes and try to pleased the users by producing integrated build-in product that enable the users to use them efficiently and easily under a logo that’s Windows. The four beautiful color shines in harmony out of the windows are chosen hopefully will brighten our thought on computer knowlege.
    As time passes by, our world of computer finally ended in a chaotic situations where quantity exceeds quality. In this situation competition will play an important role at the computer software market where every product are trying to find the best place in the heart of the users. There are still advatages and disadvantages on every product made, and the production eyes should be focus on that, which will cause an unexpected environmental multiplier effect misery on technology world. 
    By assuming a stable technology world, Microsoft is in the right path and followng the increasing figures rule releasing the Windows product; Windows 7, Windows 8 maybe Windows 9, Windows 10 and Windows etc. which was accepted by most of the Windows user.  I belief that microsoft will overcome the weakneses of the Windows products with the pleasant Windows product for the users woldwide.
    Thank you

  • Jalopez613

    I think the  Microsoft is doing a good job. My pc was superslow in my windows 7 home premium 64 and now with windows 8 is faster ten times:
    1. boot like in 10 seconds doing dual boot
    2. I like the metro
    3. Copy/paste is faster
    4. More options than windows 7

  • FNeil Foxox526

    sounds good but still doesnt give any help (or not mentioned as yet) to people like myself who are severly sight impared!. Come on windows we are customers too!

  • Rodney Longoria

    I’ve been using the Windows 8 Metro (CP) platform since it was released, and have been trying to figure out how this is going to be any kind of real improvement over Windows 7. Aside from use of swiping the screen by touch (a display I don’t currently have nor interested in purchasing), I can’t see Windows 8 as a “must-have”. However, I can see it’s value in the not-so-distant future.

    I could be way off here, but I think Microsoft not only has the initial advantage over Apple but has some of the tools already in place for a new emerging technology. For instance, does Apple have any gaming device on the market today? No, but that could change any day now. Why is that important, you may ask? Can you say “Kinect”? With Kinect, one can verbally command or physically respond to how you interact with your gaming/entertainment.

    But let’s take this a bit further. There are companies out there now who are developing glass as the next medium, just take a look at what Google’s trying to do with their Glass Project to see what I mean. This is where I can see Windows 8 finding a home with it’s ‘swipe technology’. If you had a hand-held device using glass technology augmented with augmented reality (AR) with phone/camera/video, GPS, sound/video/graphics, some type of Kinect interface using the Metro platform ― all built-in, of course ― well, who knows just how connected to things that matter (and don’t matter) to us could become.

    Check out these two short videos to see where I’m coming from, and then Windows 8 suddenly becomes relevant. Imagine the educational and medical implementations alone! I’d love to hear your opinion?

    Video 1:
    Video 2:

    Google Glass:

  • Fbarrell

    like the lay out   be nice if menu  was a little user  freindly

  • Imansyaefulloh

    i got a problem when i installed windows 8 consumer preview… my processor fan is always on,like i’am still playing games,,,while my laptop don’n doing anything

  • Steph

    I think LL has got it right, no doubt about it.  If Microsoft just release the Metro style version, a lot of people will not upgrade and just stay with Windows Vista/7.  I personally don’t like Windows 8 and Microsoft should take note of people’s comments. I have a sneaky feeling Windows 8 is not going to go down well at all.  Keep the Start button, release a desktop and metro version otherwise, Microsoft will definitely be losing out on a lot of money and effort for something that nobody is really interested in.  If you are reading Microsoft, please take note,  I would bet my last penny on it that if you released 2 versions (desktop and Metro) then the desktop version will sell well more and make it worth while for people to purchase Windows 8

  • Maxmag71

    in metro use the mouse wheel!! 

    my opinion is that W8 would be great but Microsoft has to produce more commercial/pubblicity on how to use….or it will be a flop like tablet pc.

  • fbsduser

    For me Windows 8 is just another crippled OS. But I don’t care about it since I use OSX86, Linux and BSD exclusivelly. But my 14 years old sister absolutelly LOVES it (She’s also a Belieber so her (crappy) tastes are already known by everybody in my family) specially the dull and proffessional “Metro” UI and apps.

  • Adie Bhatt

    It will be a good OS if only it has a way to disable the metro UI because some people are really going to find it hard to switch from XP/7 to Windows 8.

  • Paul

    Just got a new win 8 pro desktop (could not get a Win 7 Pro version) & Installed Win 7 Pro right out of the box.Conventional desktop for me w/o that metro crap.