Iconia W4 Tablet Gets Priced, On Track For January 2014 Launch

Acer tried to pull a fast one earlier this year when it became the first vendor to launch an 8-inch Windows powered tablet. However it skimped on hardware features, leading to the Iconia W3 getting some bad press.

Most of the criticism was centered on the lackluster display of the tablet. Acer quickly discontinued the original tablet and began work on an improved model, the Iconia W4.

The device was officially introduced back in October, but the company did not provide any further details on when it was supposed to hit store shelves, or at what prices. Now some new information has floated up that claims the device is slated for a late January 2014 launch.

In other words, this is pretty much a confirmation that the slate is going to miss the holiday shopping timeframe. Having said that, there are some rumors that the table may launch earlier (read this month) in some part of the globe.

Acer Malaysia, for example, has confirmed the availability of the Iconia W4. And the 32GB model costs $330, by the way, while the 64GB version comes with a price tag of $379. Solid enough deal!

The slate comes equipped with an 8-inch screen with a display resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels, and is powered by an Intel Bay Trail Z3740 1.3GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. The company has also prepared a bunch of official accessories that will be made available for purchase with the slate.