As far as market research firms go, International Data Corporation sure is a vocal one. IDC has been keeping a close eye on Microsoft’s tablet ambitions ever since Redmond first announced them.

IDC analyst for tablets, Tom Mainelli, talking to CNET expressed his views that while the Surface Pro is an interesting product, the device is not just there yet in terms of overall execution.

One of the main drawbacks what the IDC analyst associates with the Surface Pro is the battery life:

“The battery life’s not there. It’s too heavy. While it performs like a notebook, Surface Pro is always going to be compared to other tablets, and tablets really need to run 8 to 10 hours. [Surface Pro’s] four hours is a nonstarter.”

But the good news is that Intel has radically reduced the power requirements for its upcoming Haswell chips, promising more hours of usage between charges — a feature that is a perfect fit for the next generation Surface Pro, whenever it makes it way to the market.

And this is what the Mainelli hopes the next revision of Surface Pro will address.

He, however, maintains that the Surface Pro will be a lot more successful if it had the form factor, and more importantly price of the Surface RT.

This is a tough ask considering the inherent differences between the hardware of both tablets. More so when you bring the Atom powered tablets into the mix later this year that are slated to occupy the same price point as the Surface RT.

Mainelli also touched upon Microsoft’s marketing strategy, highlighting the fact that it is hard for the technology titan to recommend Windows RT over Windows 8, owing to the former’s incompatibility with traditional x86 desktop applications.

According to the analyst, Microsoft would do well to decide on one operating system for its tablets, so that the company is not setting up a battle between two of its platforms (Windows 8 and RT) together.

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