This is pretty interesting.

The almost universal response by most bloggers to the IDC report predicting tremendous Windows Phone growth by 2016 is “meh”.

The fact of the matter is that whether it’s IDC or Gartner or Forrester or whoever, these reports are starting to have less and less credibility.

They have become a backdrop for REAL analysis.

Bloggers quote these articles and then add lines like the following:

Here are my takeaways with the enterprise in mind


Here’s what these stats really mean


What you really need to know

A lot of these reports have been scoffed at for a long time but it just seems like the level of skepticism about them s rising to record levels.

What do you think about the analysts and their “expert” advice?


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  1. I fully believe in the reports and am glad to see them and will put my “expert analysis” on them soon.

  2. I wouldnt trust analyst on either side.  Is Windows 8, the next Vista, probably.   Lets forget whether this is a good or bad OS.  It is not about that at all.  It wasnt for Vista either.  The real damage has already been done.  There is a large outspoken group against Windows 8.  They will have an impact on the perception.  But how much impact?  I dont think anyone should expect Windows 8 on PC to ever rival the numbers of Windows 7 for many reasons.  The question is what will the average person think and what will it mean for Windows 8 Phone, Windows 8 tablets and Windows RT tablet sales.  I think no one can reliably predict this at this time.  And I wouldnt trust anyone who says they could.  There is a huge unknown that will determine this and that is MS marketing.  I will be purchasing at least one license and maybe several devices, but that makes little difference one way or another.

  3. It is early days, and everyone kicks aganst change; but y’know, I think the change will come and everyone will get used to it and them adapt to it really well.

    I have been running CP on my Q550 and then went back to W7 for a week before installing the RP. And you know what, I actually missed the W8 interface during the W7 week!

    I appreciate the desktop experience is different, but i beleive it will become – in a relatively short time – second nature once we all get used to it, to the point where we won’t want to go back to W7. Look at all the OEM Hardware running W8 at the E3 2012… I beleive it’s just going to happen guys and it’s going to be pretty good for all concerned

    • I agree with you.  I think in general people will over time respond well to the changes.  I just dont think that it will be adopted by business in general because they are just now switching to 7.  This means no matter how well precieved it is by consumers, the sales will not rival Windows 7.  However, watch analysts and Windows 8 naysayers to chalk this up to Metro.  In fact, if tablets and phone sales skyrocket, expect articles saying the death of PCs and How Windows 8 sucks for desktops.  People cherry pick the meaning of facts to match their agenda.

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