IE10 Is A Broken Aero On Windows 7

We all know Microsoft and Aero are not the best of friends anymore. The company already said a few months back that it had moved away from the glassy interface of Vista and Windows 7.

As a matter of pure fact, it even went as far as to call it “cheesy”.

But none of that prepared us for what just transpired.

Once you install and launch the Release Preview version of Internet Explorer 10, you will find that it breaks down the Aero interface.

This is quite an unflattering flaw, when you consider it comes from the house of Microsoft. There is no workaround yet for this issue, at the time of this writing.

Not just that, many users have found the preview version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 to be actually slower than Internet Explorer 9. Plus, it is riddled with various bugs. Yikes!

Bugs and errors are understandable as this is a Preview version – even if a Release Preview.

But the wizards at Microsoft really need to take a look at the sluggish performance and design disruptions of their flagship browser.

Almost half the connected world still uses various versions of it.