More good news for Windows Phone fans! They will soon be able to enjoy some power features in the Internet Explorer 11 included in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 release.

Power features that are available on modern desktop web browsers.

As this post claims, IE11 on Windows Phone 8.1 will allow users the ability to navigate the web without having their details stored in the browser cache. With the enhanced emphasis on online security and privacy these days, InPrivate browsing is a useful feature indeed.

In addition to this, Microsoft has also decided to remove the six tab limit imposed on its mobile browser. Users will now be able to open as many tabs as they want, depending on the hardware prowess of their mobile devices, of course.

The company has also bundled in the ability to sync tabs between Windows Phone 8.1 handsets and other Windows powered computers, enabling users to continue their browsing on a larger screen.

That’s not all, though.

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1 will also offer improved control over downloads, and will be able to open a file, instead of just saving it to the handset.

Users will also have the ability to set different text sizes when viewing web pages, plus save passwords. The update may have been a long time coming, but it does not skip on features, this much is sure.

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