Interesting times we live in. IFA 2014, the last major technology gathering of the year is about to kick off in Germany, and the event will be held from September 5 to 10.

Interesting times because mobile manufacturers are now in the habit of launching two flagships a year. While CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and MWC (Mobile World Congress) are held in the early months, the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) is where all the late year action is.

Companies unveil their newest solutions at this telecommunication trade fair, and most of these devices hit the store shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season.

And while some companies like Microsoft, Apple and HTC prefer launching their new smartphones at dedicated events that are not part of any major trade fair, we can expect several new devices to be unveiled next week — midrange, low end and high end.

HTC and LG have already taken the wraps off some of their new midrange handsets that are to make an appearance at IFA 2014, all of them powered by Android. In terms of flagships, we can expect Samsung to reveal the Galaxy Note 4 and Sony to introduce the Xperia Z3.

Again, Android.

Huawei, Motorola and Lenovo are also set to launch their new flagships early next month at the event. And then you can expect companies like Acer, Asus and LG to bring along their tablets, smartwatches and other such wearables.

And what of Microsoft?

Redmond has already sent out invitations for a September 4 press event. Two midrange devices (the Nokia Lumia 730 and the Nokia Lumia 830) are set to make their debut at the IFA 2014.

But we can also expect a couple of Asha smartphones, and a feature phone like the Nokia 130.

Microsoft is also planning a September 30 event where they will share more information about Windows 9 and the next version of Windows Phone. Chances are that if the company is to reveal a new high-end flagship for the year, it will be at this dedicated event, not IFA 2014.

In any case, this upcoming gathering promises much for the technology world, and we can expect other Windows Phone partners to bring along their newest gadgets and gizmos to the party next week.

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