Contrary to popular belief, the tablet wars have actually just begun. Sure, Android and iOS enjoyed a healthy head start, but the war only heated up when Windows arrived for the slates.

And it has already started to make its mark, offering the best of what both Google and Apple offer.

Organizations, businesses and institutes all over the world have finally started deliberating their next move, a platform of choice. And the influence of Windows here cannot be overlooked.

The Southern Illinois University in its effort to offer students access to affordable education resources has outlined a plan to provide freshmen with Windows 8 tablets. InformationWeek reports university CIO David Crain as saying:

“We started out with the perspective that it would be nice to give every student an iPad, partly because college students still think iPads are really cool. But once we started digging into it, we found a number of reasons to go with Windows.”

Hmm, interesting, very interesting!

The SIU will give each student in the first year a Dell Latitude 10 tablet running Windows 8, and one of the reasons cited is that the institution considers the iPad too expensive.

The plan to provide Windows 8 slates to students is actually part of a larger effort called Mobile Dawg, which is a new campaign funded by Microsoft and Intel.

And from the look of things, it seems to be coming together real well.

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  1. The sad thing is that most people will still go for iPads, I spoke to someone the other day who had upgraded to the iPad 128Gb one just because he had to have it! With the mentality of most Apple buyers “I don’t care if its good as long as its Apple” Microsoft will have a very steep hill to climb indeed!

  2. I was offered an iPad 2 Free and turned it down. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is by far superior.

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