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Can someone tell me exactly why the “premier” Windows phone 8 devices being announced are rectangular blocks with minimal curvature?

The only exception I’ve seen so far are the Samsung ATIV phones.

I mean they’re all going to be going up against this:

and this:

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Even if you’re not an Apple fan, you have to admit, it’s pretty sleek and slim.

I’m not sure what the rectangular bulk is all about..

Don’t shoot the messenger.

I’m just saying…

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In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of EyeOnWindows.com, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. (www.learnabouttheweb.com) and The Redmond Cloud (https://www.theredmondcloud.com).

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  1. this is Microsoft Technology….not google…..which copied everything….

    • Get a clue!!!!! Microsoft has a simple driving idea. If you can’t copy it, steal it. then sue over it grow up MS Sucks!!!!

  2. I don’t like the design of the iphone. It looks so old. Never before in my life have I been irretaded by the way a phone is in my hand, the iPhone was the first.

    My N8 is a massage to the hand compared to the iPhone 🙂

  3. It is really hard to fault the iPhone. It is well built and shows it. That doesnt mean that a good phone has to look like an iPhone. It is all about fit, finish, and quality materials. A big square box can be just as good if it feels solid, not necessarily heavy. All physical switches need to be made well and show good quality. Samsung phones are pretty good quality, but they still have a cheap feel. I have not yet held a Nokia, so I cant say. Plastic doesnt need to feel cheap as long as it holds its shape in your hands. There should be no give in the surface in respect to the device. Any pressure, should move the entire device the same amount or not at all. Take the Samsung SII that I have. The plastic feels solid, but the metal battery cover is what feels cheap amoung other things.

  4. “Can someone tell me exactly why the “premier” Windows phone 8 devices being announced are rectangular blocks with minimal curvature?”

    As opposed to rectangular blocks with more curve? I fail to see the point asides from further cementing this sites blatent love for all things Apple and it’s use of Apple devices as a benchmark to compare all other products to.

  5. I have been coming to this site for quite some time in the hopes of getting information about upcoming Windows 8 news (ya know, like the name of the site would lead you to believe). But soon thereafter I started seeing the pro everything Apple theme. Normally I would just go somewhere else, since you can get that anywhere, but I was intrigued by why a site named windows8update would constantly either have articles about Apple products or talk down about Microsoft products and compare them to Apple products.

    I have to assume it is all about money. The site gets more hits when Apple is mentioned and hence, more Apple stuff. Couple that with the person doing this has an obvious love of Apple. You like to mention that you love tech and may the best tech win and that sort of thing, but what you don’t seem to realize is that everyone has a stronger pull towards certain things and I have never seen someone get entrenched and to some degree obsessed with a certain device and ecosystem and then have an unbiased opinion about other products.

    I will freely admit, I do not like Apple, their products, their ecosystem, how they market their products, how they run their presentations, pretty much how they do everything. Hence it would not make much sense for me to run an Apple website.

    People like different things. I like the look of the new Windows 8 phones by Nokia and HTC. I certainly prefer them over the Iphone. But at this point, that is irrelevant to its success. The majority of people think smartphone and Iphone mean the same thing. There is a small percentage that think there is only two players, Iphone and Samsung (they don’t really even know what Android is). The rest are people that follow these types of sites that know what is out there and try to make informed decisions (informed, not unbiased).

    The reason I will continue to support Windows Phone 8 is because I do not want to wake up one day and find that my only phone choice is an iphone. Where I get to send Apple a large chunk of my paycheck each month for their services because they have taken over every digital market there is and I am forced to join the rank and file or be an outlier scraping by with whatever is left out there. Reminds me of Demolition Man when all of the restaurants were Taco Bell!

    I do try to spread the love around. I bought a PS3 instead of an Xbox. I bought my kids Kindle Fire’s. I use Netflix and Amazon Prime. I like having choices. Apple is not a big fan of choice. Microsoft puts their products into other ecosystems as does Google. So they ditch Google Maps and offer their own mapping service, which is not nearly as good as the Google offering. They certainly didn’t do that for their users, as their offering is subpar in comparison.

    Sorry this went on so long, it has been building up for some time. I work for a global company and have had to deal with the constant chatter of people wanting to bring their idevice into the workplace, where there is no business need to do so, and it is frustrating. If there was a reason I wouldn’t mind. I was sitting in a meeting once and I asked please tell me what you need this idevice for and the only response I got was, “I want to play Angry Birds”. Computing has become so dumbed down that it makes me sad.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      It’s really important to me that you (among others) understand this. I will use your comment for a post today.

      I like Apple products. I’m not shy about saying that.

      Having said that, I’m just as passionate about seeing competition in the marketplace.

      A lot of Windows fans like to put their hands over their ears and go la la la la la like Apple doesnt exist.

      I am not such a person.

      Apple is the leader in premium quality devices. The numbers (you know – the facts) support that.

      Everyone else is playing catch up at this point.

      We can have a substantive debate about whether Android and Windows Phones have more or less features. I just put up a post showing Samsung’s substantial critique of Apple.

      What I will not do is blindly support vendors because they are not Apple.

      People like Apple. People BUY Apple. People spend their hard earned money on Apple products.

      Asking me to deny that is irresponsible.

      • Trust me, as much as I would like to pretend that Apple doesn’t exist, I would have to put more than my hands over my ears to avoid it. I am surrounded by it on a daily basis. My point is, this site is supposed to be about Windows (or at least I thought). I am not looking for blind love of all things Windows, but I am also not looking for someone who loves Apple and also reports on Windows things.

        Your “people like Apple,…” comment is funny, because the point is, you like Apple. And not just like Apple, but use and love Apple. Which is why, whether you realize it or not, your views on Windows products is a tad tainted. And I am certainly not asking you to deny that. I would just like to go to a site aimed at Windows 8 and not get updates on Apple as well. I have Engadget and the rest of the mainstream tech news sources for that (whether I want it or not). But this obviously is not that site, so I will move on.

    • I agree.

      The response was bogus. First Android owns the smartphone market. True, iPhone is the biggest single seller, but Android still is the leader.

      People buy Apple products because they don’t know any better. Meaning they don’t sample the market.

      I hate the company. I have for almost 30 years, so you can take it to the bank that I AM biased against the evil empire.

      • Thanks for the feedback.

        I love the way people say that people buy because they don’t know better.

        So it’s Apple’s fault because their competitors haven’t been able to educate the masses?


        That contradicts capitalism.

        Consumers when faced with products from competitors will pick the product they like the best.

        Call them sheep if you want. They’re buying iPhones.

  6. woo woo lots of hot steams here around! cool up guys we wont own microsoft apple or android or google what to fight for?

  7. this website must be named appleupdate or androidupdate or something to the effect though! hightechshit…

  8. I think they look better than the iPhones? Less wasted screen real estate and more solid looking. They also look quite thin. I’m not sure what the point of this article is aside from displaying a personal preference.

  9. I dont think you can say one design is better than the other. It all comes down to personal preference.

    I currently have a Sony Xperia S.. if you dont know what it looks like, it’s a rectangular “block” very similar to the upcoming HTC and Nokia windows phones, but it’s all in black. And you know what..?

    I think it looks great! I used to have a HTC Desire which had a curvey “sleek” appearance.. wasn’t a big fan of it at all. But then I guess it’s like comparing a Porsche to a Lamborghini. They have extremely different designs but you can’t really say one looks better than the other. It’s all down to the user.

    Oh and i forgot to say.. I love the designs of the HTC and Nokia win8 phones. I think they have a very modern and unique style which does look very nice.

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