As soon as you install Windows 8 Consumer Preview – DOWNLOAD WINDOWS UPDATES

This is important.

I was almost driven mad when I installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my Exopc Tablet today.

I am writing this really long review about my installation experience today and for some reason, the keyboard just would NOT show up at all.

I tried to set up my Hotmail account but on a tablet, it kinda helps when you go to an input field for the keyboard to pop up.

It wasn’t.

I tried everything and wasn’t sure if it was me, Microsoft or the maker of the slate Exopc.

After 2 wasted hours – here’s the issue.

There were several Windows Updates that were released today (5 to be exact).

Once those are installed, the nasty issues all melted away.

Now the slate is acting like a new machine.

A word to the wise…

About the Author

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • master

    ok if i install it does it remove all my other programs?

    • Ed

      depends on the type of installation that you do, where do you want to install win 8 beta? laptop/desktop computer or tablet?

      • master

        laptop plz respond

        • Dogod_ec

          i do prefer to install win 8 developer preview, after 40 upgrades, it runs great!. and i have to say i get 2gb ram, dual core 2,6…

        • Damagingtime

          Dude, seriously? It sounds like you shouldn’t take the risk

          • Damagingtime

            And can not read either, lol

        • john

          i have installed on my acer aspire 6920g and it’s working great still have all my programs so far i’m loving it

  • master

    when i install windows 8 beta does it remove all my other programs

    • Dennis

      But it asks you to remove things like Avast that are not compatible. You end up with Windows Old and much the same desktop, if you use the same partition. For me it was trouble free.

    • MM K

      You can install it in a separate partition or a virtual machine and run it separately from your main OS.

      I would not try to upgrade your existing OS.  There are too many things that could go wrong (including losing your programs and data).

  • master


  • Gene

    For Me it was trouble free,kept all my setting as it ask me to save them.Little slow but not bad.

    • master

      so for a laptop it kept ur games u had downloaded and everything

  • Dcastator

    I have been waiting patiently for windows 8 to arrive….I downloaded it today for my Asus EP121 however, it requires 20GB of free space and I only have about 5 right now.  Looks like I will have to wait until I can upgrade to a larger hard drive.  I am not sure I can find 16 to 18 gigs that I can move off of C  I am already keeping all of my data on an SD card….any other suggestions would be appreciated

  • Whuggins1

    Having problems setting up email other then hotmail and gmail. It is asking for domain and server address from my ISP. Doesn’t give you many controls to set this up.

  • Daryl Hopkins

    I had no issues installing Windows 8 CP on my desktop. I did run windows update as soon as it was done installing though. I know how it’s spoken against installing a beta as a main OS but I have done it anyways. No issues so far. Skyrim and MW3 runs smoothly as it did on Windows 7. I am impressed with the CP so far.

    • boondox30

      Oh and by the way. At first I done a upgrade from Windows 7 and it kept everything. Everything ran fine, even my games I play.

      • boondox30

        One question: Is there a way to send Microsoft issues or anything like that that is built in Windows 8 or do we have to e-mail them?

  • Maxime Arinaitwe

    does anyone have an idea as to what could be the cause to why my metro style apps keep  crashing on launch. I really like the metro ui and that is one of the sole reasons i installed win 8. its starting to get frustrating not being able to use it. the desktop mode works without any prob. i’ve got an hp-notebook g62 laptop 64bit. thanks.

    • boondox30

      Did you do a fresh install or a upgrade?

      • Maxime Arinaitwe


  • Caw

    Onuora, Had no troubles installing it on an older  home built desktop; like it so much I’m thinking of installing it on my new one. Thanks for all your wonderful tips you been giving , truly a big fan if your website. You’re on your way to putting yourself on the map. Keep up the good work mate. Cheers

    • Onuora Amobi

      Too kind. Thanks..

  • Toddpietro

    Onuora , I had no problems except some things for my my HP printer isn’t running and couldn’t install McAfee had to use Microsoft Essentials and now my computer is protected.will probably have to wait until others become compatible,kinda sticks a little but other then that looks great.Other thing that is kinda missing is when you walk away unlike windows 7 you had where you can lock it but under windows 8 it doesn’t have one other neat thing is it went from IE 9 to IE 10 and will update automatically.Nice release candidate so far.Like it

  • Mitch

    I think Windows 8 will be joining the ranks of Windows 2000 and Windows Vista, pretty soon. It is a messed up Windows 7 with a new face. First thing I noticed is my number lock would not work properly, on my Saitek keyboard. I uninstalled it tonight! When the novelty of tablets goes, so will Win8. Anyway, why on earth would someone want a Windows tablet when they can buy an IPad .

  • Ben Symington

    Dont worry, that was not a really long review 🙂

    Mitch, take a chill pill, this is a preview still mate! if you dont want issues dont install a preview!

  • Mosselsoft

    I did install w8 without problems only … how can I change HOMEGROUP ?  to my own “WORKGROUP’

  • Michael

    Not really impressed, but I’ll work with it a while. Put it on an XP machine, didn’t really have anything else except an old 865 board and a Celeron D (90nm)..It net worked easily, like 7 and Vista. I wanted to install on another partition, but didn’t happen, I’ll probably pull the big drive its on and wipe it, then reinstall it on a smaller drive, put XP back on the large drive and dual boot. In fact I may install my HDD controller just to make sure I don’t screw up, (like THATS never happened before). It has potential, but, I don’t know. This is my first beta, so I’m not really sure what to do next except try installing every thing I used on XP/7.

  • Mikael Straschmann

    I want to install swedish language pack on windows 8 consumer preview. Is that possible?

  • Dorin

    I don’t like it.

  • Crazy_pete

    I’m installing on a old Asus T91 single touch with 16GB SSD and the touchscreen worked perfect, even during installation. Only issue I had was with the Intel GMA500 as usual. After manually instaling W7 driver everything works: even aero works fine, with W7 it was way too slow, but W8 has no problems.
    Also 16bit database program I use works without any problems, and that is surprising 😉
    I’m going to test this on all my 11!!! printers and my vinyl cutter and am probably going to install om my main (3 monitor) system this weekend. I’ll let you know how that worked out…

  • Kimbre

    So far so good, intstalled Win8 CP last night as a duel boot with Win 7 as my main OS,
    installed in less the 7 minutes, loving the new look and layout, and intrigration of Widows live Acc, only problem i faced was linking to Facebook, which isnt such a big deal, will be running tests today with various 32bit & 64bit software, if i have any problems i will post here, by the way thanks Onuora for your site and tips, keep up the great work.

    • Adhammagdy

      yea.. can’t connect facebook or youtube 🙁

  • Marcel_lagcher

    Hi i have installed Windows 8 consumer preview (beta) yesterday and IT took only 10 minutes realy fast. I installed .net framework 3.5 x86 and x64 manualy and i installed Visual c redist x 64 and x86 manualy and i updated everything using Windows update.
    installed win7 x64 via hd audio deck and nvidia GeForce 580 ti manualy and IT was sucsesfull. The overall time was about One hour.
    i cant setup Xbox 360 software account couse IT sayd service not yet avible for my country. I had tested some free games using Xbox 360 live and sucsesfull and One Xbox 360 demo also sucsesfull. I guess that its even posible to play some Xbox 360 games in Windows 8 but a litle slow and some bugs cant save games and cant connect to Xbox 360 live yet.

  • Marcel_lagcher

    i must also say to play Xbox games you must have an real Xbox 360 connected true network LAN wlan.
    if Windows 8 detects the Xbox 360 and the kinect for Windows controller than its posible to run a few 360 games otherwise Windows shows a message no Xbox 360 and no controller detected.

  • Yuri

    Hi ,
    I cannot install Windows 8 because I am asked to enter the codes like this: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx , but I do not have these codes, so if I do not insert the correct code, the installation stops. So I had to give.yuri39

    • Dcastator

      In the very beginning of the download it gave you the code.  You should copy it down just in case.

    • john

      this is the key you have to put in that’s if it’s what you are on about 3NJQT-JPB4W-FGV9R-MCDC8-7FMQW

  • Marcel_lagcher

    My system specs :
    Intel core i7 2600 MHz
    Evga nvidia GeForce 580 ti
    via hd audio
    6 gib ddr3
    1tb Western digital HDD.
    Asus i7 1145 mainboard.
    pc score 6.3 harddisk transfer
    7.2 airo
    7.6 graphics
    7.5 games
    6.9 memory transfer
    7.3 CPU calculation speed.

  • Robert_iwansson

    i like to know if its possible to Close te Metro Gui in Windows 8?!

  • cookie21

    looking forward to your installation experience post. just got a cheap exopc on ebay and lookign to install the consumer preview once i get it.

    my plan was to do a fresh install via usb, curious as to how you wen about it.

  • Cutiger3

    When win 8 was checking apps got a message that ati catalyst control center and install manager need to be reinstalled in win 8. What is this? Should I proceed?

  • Cataldovinaccia

    Hello, I installed windows 8 on my laptop asus x54h and everything went well, I can not wait to come out the final version, however, I offer my congratulations for the excellent work you are doing for us.

  • Shafeeqsammak

    way not work the Product Key?

  • Shafeeqsammak

    Hi ,
    I cannot install Windows 8 because I am asked to enter the codes like this: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx , but I do not have these codes, so if I do not insert the correct code, the installation stops.

    • john

      this is the key you have to put in that’s if it’s what you are on about 3NJQT-JPB4W-FGV9R-MCDC8-7FMQW

  • Pat

    When I did the Windows Update it locked up on the restart. I did a shut-down and restarted and it then applied the updates and worked normally. Don’t give up if you get a blank screen on the update. Just do an ALT-F4 shutdown and restart.

  • Ron

    I installed Windows 8 on a AUSU EP 121 Slate… it took me just over 2 hours as well but there were no big issues in the process … just a missing driver in the end.  But all was well; I just hope that my battery life will improve. Ronald

  • Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani

    Dear Onuora,

    The new Windows Product downloaded arrive safely on my Laptops Dell Inspiron 8600, after having a long time journey to reach here, it took approximately 8 hours each; The Windows Developer Preview and The Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Both are still in ISO image files which then should be converted to a readable files using additional tools, the flash disk or a special DVD. The preparation for the opening ceremony on my dell Inspiron 8600 laptops such as setting a 20GB space on the local disk where it will be set for launch there and other necessary task was done with full precautions in case of unfrendly events that might spoil the plan are done without any difficuties. At first I feel very happy with full of joy, after a long periode waiting, wishing and hopping the promises of the new Windows Progam would come true and shown life on my laptops monitor. As the setup begun, it runs soft at the beginning, but suddenly an unexpected rejection warning came  to stop installing the Product  due to the lack of memory, the Windows Program need at least 1 GB of RAM memory and that makes me very sad my laptops can only support half, and there’s more there’s only one button to press with a word “Cancel”. All the dream what was hope for was scattered, but that’s okey we don’t always get what we want at least we learn. I personnaly thank you Mr. Onuora for having a great time with you showing me more and more on computer mistery, keep up the good job. I hope there’ll be more story to tell in the next chapter, as my Dell inspiron 8600 is still on. Thank you.

  • Damion

    I personally will be going back to Vista.  This has to be the stupidest version of Windows yet.  I tried to do a duel boot, but it did not allow me to. Had to do a new install just for Windows 8.  If that’s not bad enough I’ve also had a number of very large and important files come up missing, not off just one drive but my other 3 as well. So are the updates supposed to fix these things and replace my missing files???  I think not.  So I will be restoring Vista and getting rid of this crap.  Hopefully Windows 9 will be like 7 and be more comfortable to use.  I know this is only a Beta, but I’ll wait till they get right.

  • Fedriu74

    Windows7 has better graphics than windows8.I have tested this:
    look nvidia graphic card 210 1GB DDR3 on windows7 give this {Graphics-Desktop performance for windows aero 5.1},on windows8 (4.8.) {Gaming graphics 3D on windows7 (5.9) , on windows8 (5.6)

  • Fedriu74

    please: windows 8 often restarts without being with my command,This should not happen so

  • Axyzzy

    I did a fresh install of Win 8 64 without issue on my ExoPC.
    Aside from the frustration of trying to get accustomed to the new UI, I am pleased with the performance.

  • CAW

    It has been one week since I’ve installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview and I must say, “I LOVE IT!!!”. Of course it can be  a wee bit difficult navigating thorough the UI, but in time, it gets easier. These are only a few attributes I appreciate about W8:

    1.Initially, it was quick and easy to reformat and install (although it doesn’t allow dual boot after creating multiple partitions).
    2. W8 boots so rapidly, almost superior to W7 in that respect.
    3. It utilizes RAM quite efficiently.
    4. Thus far, experience zero browser crashes…just to name a few.

    When the final SKUs come out:

    Windows 8 ARM editionWindows 8 Starter EditionWindows 8 Home BasicWindows 8 Home PremiumWindows 8 ProfessionalWindows 8 Professional PlusWindows 8 UltimateWindows 8 Enterprise EvalWindows 8 Enterprise…

    I am certain, Microsoft will have taken care of most of the simple glitches. Finally, I must say, although I like to stick with something once I’ve gotten used to it, going metro is no-so-easy when you want to stay retro. Meanwhile, give W8 a fair chance and if you are dissatisfied, reinstall 7, Vista or XP.