If you can’t get enough of the Windows 8 style, here is your chance to showcase one on your Facebook cover. Microsoft has recently released the Windows 8 Cover Photo Creator for Facebook that you can use to generate a Windows-8 inspired cover photo for your Facebook profile.

Now who in their right mind wouldn’t want that, right?

And yes, the app does exactly what you think it does — it scans your profile for information (photos, friends, stuff you have liked) and then creates a virtual Start Screen with tiles showing all these details. You can then apply the picture to your Facebook profile as a cover photo.

Simple, yet highly ingenious! I just love it when these two words go together.

“It’s a new Facebook app from the Windows team that connects to your social stream to create a new Cover Photo. It’s fast and easy and has a degree of customization so you can pick and choose which photos and apps appear in certain tiles,” says Microsoft.

My suggestion? If you want to impress your friends, head on over to Facebook, take the web application for a spin, and create your very own Windows 8 cover photo right away.

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  • philnolan3d

    None of my friends are on facebook.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jimgetten Joker Jim

    Deactivate your FB account and move everyone to Google+.

    • Bolo

      Google+ is crap!

  • Bolo

    The tile dont update, just a static picture..what’s the point.

  • Sam

    Has anyone found where you can tweak it to where the pictures would change randomly when it’s set as your header? That would be kinda cool if it could do that.