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Surface RT owners that missed out on the Windows RT 8.1 deal late last week can now get down to the business of downloading the refreshed operating system on the Windows Store.

Microsoft has just brought back Windows RT 8.1 in the Windows Store.

And now Surface RT and other Windows RT tablet owners can make the move to the new version of the operating system. But what exactly was the issue behind the pull up job?

The company revealed in a post on its community forums that the main cause behind the faulty update was incomplete firmware updates that required an extra reboot or two:

“This was due to a rare situation where firmware updates had not completed at the time of the update to RT 8.1. In most cases, if a customer encountered this issue the result was simply an extra reboot.

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However, for a very small percentage, the boot configuration data was affected which prevented a successful boot. We worked to quickly resolve the issue and now encourage customers to update their Surface RT devices. Surface Pro and 8.1 customers were not impacted by this issue.”

Hard to deny that this was a rare situation — the number of devices that were bricked after trying to deploy Windows RT 8.1 is said to be extremely small. Say, 1 in 1000 Surface RT units.

But it was a tidy preemptive effort from Redmond to bring the update down from the Windows Store to take a look at the problem, and the put it back up for uses to download.

This seems like a straightforward issue to fix, but it would have troubled novice users, nevertheless.

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  1. I’m glad it is fixed.

  2. I knew it wouldn’t take long but of course 3 days of issues will probably lead to 3 months of complaining on many of the sites that skew somewhat Anti-Microsoft

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