Still don’t think smartwatches are the future? Welcome to the club! Despite being pegged as the next big thing, wearables have not yet completely won people over.

At least, not to the extent that smartphones and tablets have, these past few years.

And even though, Samsung has quickly taken up leadership position in this market, several other companies have created all sorts of smartwatches with varying forms and functionalities. Several more, including big shots like Google, Apple and Microsoft, are about to.

As this richly designed infographic from The Smartwatch Group shows, the wearable category looks like it is here to stay. It also claims that Android Wear is about to make a big splash on the industry, when it arrives. Moto 360 and all?

I guess Microsoft will have something to say to that, with their Windows powered line of smartwatches.

Perhaps the most interesting fact is that the global smartwatch industry has grown tenfold in the last year alone. From the lows of 0.3 million shipments in 2012, to the absolute highs of 3 million in 2013.

Anyway, take a look at the infographic below:


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