Inside CES 2012 – Ballmer shows up at AT&T Developer Summit

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was a surprise guest at the AT&T Developer Summit today.

Ballmer announced that Microsoft and partners would be unveiling news about new LTE Windows Phones throughout the event.

Key point – Ballmer also noted that developers should expect Microsoft to continue to “move in the direction of sharing more and more technologies” between Windows Phone and Windows.

He went on to point out that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 already have a lot in common.

They share the Metro, the HTML5 Internet Explorer browser, integrate with Windows Live and Windows Azure etc.

Some other stats from the Microsoft chief:

  • There are now 1.3 billion PCs in the world, 500 million of which are running Windows 7
  • Every Windows 7 PC can run Windows 8.
  • There have been three million downloads of Windows 8 developer preview since Build in September.
  • There are more than 50,000 Windows Phone applications, with 300 new apps being published daily.

Tip- Mary Jo Foley

  • Rbw7456

    Ballmer at a ATT&T summit, well at least that’s one company he isn’t suing.