Inside Windows 8: Control Panel-System and Security-Action Center

OK, let’s start talking about the control panel in Windows 8.

The Control Panel as usual is a hub for a TON of Windows 8 system functionality controls.

So we’ll start from the beginning.

Lets take a look at System Security.

You can get to this from the Control Panel > System and Security

System Security

System Security

Clicking on System Security takes you to the System Security submenus.

Lets look at the first one – Action Center.

Action Center

Action Center

Clicking on Action Center takes you to the next screen

Action Center

Action Center

In Action Center, you can change firewall options and take care of maintenance tasks.

You can set and run maintenance tasks as well as disable applications to help improve performance.

You can also find and fix problems with troubleshooting or just say screw it and do a system refresh or recovery (more on that later).

There are more options in Action Center.

Our old friend User Account Control is back.

Windows 8 User Account Control - UAC

Windows 8 User Account Control – UAC

UAC has been tamed ever since it drove people crazy in Windows Vista and you are able to fine tune the level of intrusiveness that Windows 8 uses for notifications.

You can also change Windows SmartScreen settings.

SmartScreen settings in Windows 8

SmartScreen settings in Windows 8

SmartScreen basically just warns you when you are running programs that Windows 8 cannot recognize.

Microsoft have a bunch of software signatures that they DO recognize so when it doesn’t recognize a signature, you can allow it to warn you, ask for admin approval or just do nothing.

Finally, you can view archived messages that previously came up in the past and look at performance information.

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