Welcome to our Inside Windows 8 Section of Windows8update.com.

This post is dedicated to helping you guys and gals figure out the most efficient way to Install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Now I was going to have one of my writers attack installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on multiple formats but then we took a look and said, why reinvent the wheel? A bunch of sites have already done the heavy lifting.

Instead, we’re going to focus on writing about the features of Windows 8 and steer you toward credible Windows 8 installation resources.

Let’s get started.

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Clean Install

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – on a NetBook

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Upgrade from Windows 7

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Using the Web Installer

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – VHD Install

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – USB Install

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – VirtualBox Virtual Machine

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – On VMware

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – On a Mac with BootCamp

Installing Windows Server 8 Beta

That’s it folks, if there are any more resources out there that you feel should be added to the list, add them to the comments below.

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About the Author

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of EyeOnWindows.com, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. (www.learnabouttheweb.com) and The Redmond Cloud (https://www.theredmondcloud.com).

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  • Heime

    couple of days at first, then a couple of hours after that!!

  • pinpon03

    al the links are Ok but I didnt see the installing win 8 on a VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) 🙂

    • http://www.windows8update.com/ Onuora Amobi

      Good point. Will add..

  • Cybernes16

    I just want a trial on windows 8 consumer preview how can I install it but not erase my window 7 OS  I mean make a dual boot

  • Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani

    Dear Onuora,

    Thank you for the support in times of trouble installing the newly Windows Product release by Microsoft.

    I was dazed and confused waiting for the moment for the promises to come true and more frustratingly, how could I add another 500 RAM memory to my Dell Inspiron 8600 machines? Until you send me this post with a beautiful indigo color “Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview,” which then makes me wonder as a computer geek, failure is not an option, and the will to seek what was hidden beneath, must be revealed until all are clear. 

    I’ve read all the messeges and I even downloaded them, still there’s no way out until then, I look again on my flash disk where I’ve converted the ISO image to a readable files, I opened every folder and accidently on the source folder there’s another execution file for setup. I speculately run the setup and there it works slow but sure, but still the work was unpredictable. The installation using this method is a high risk, the computer restarted many times with many warnings buttons to end the process or proceed with the installation, but the good side is that, it’s lock on to the new Windows, since I’ve got a series of Windows Product on a single Boot Manager; Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Finally it ends up with a success.

    As it was promise earlier that my Dell Inspiron 8600 machine, would lively show the new Windows Program now it’s a reality. The New Windows Product is called “The Windows Developer Preview.” The Windows Boot Manager is now change to Choose an Operating System, with only displaying three options that is; Windows Developer Preview, Windows 7 Windows Vista, and without the Windows XP. I thought that this installation process had wipe out the entire Windows XP program, but no it didn’t, the Windows XP Program is still kept, but stay idle in the same drive for future use. For me it’s okey using the Windows Developing Preview knowing my Dell inspiron 8600 could not support the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It still looks nice though with initialy written, Windows Developer Preview Evaluation Copy. Build 8102 on the water mark. The speed is fast and it shows an increase point rating on the Windows Experience Indext to 2.0 on an installed memory RAM 512 MB, Intel Pentium(R) M Prosessor 1400MHz 1,40 GHz.

    Now it’s March 07, 2012 Windows Developer Preview had taken the lead on my Dell Inspiron 8600 machine. Thank you.


  • Fedriu74

     what should we do? The graphics drivers for Windows 7 NVIDIA and ATI do not work well in Windows8.

  • lostprophet

    Fedriu74: Why would not they work well? I started playing Mass Effect 3 on Win8 Consumer Preview and I got to say, working great. My laptop (Core i5, 8 GB RAM, GT540M with the newest Nvidia driver) handles it well.

  • Richardjaychontos

    I installed it as a upgrade from windows 7 ultimate and it was flawless. The only problem i have had so far is i cant sign in to skydrive and using internet explorer ,every page i go to on the net it says error and it must close but i close the message box and it stays open. That is annoying to say the least and it still isnt as fast as chrome so i just dont use it at all. I feel it is just a tweaked version of windows 7 . It does load faster and uses less resources then 7 did so i dont mind it at all. As far as the music and video betas i dont like them i us after market ones i already had on 7. So all in all its ok with me.   

  • John

    I just installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a spare hard drive partition, i have windows 7 ultimate as my primary OS on my other hdd. I change the boot order in the BIOS to load windows 8. I have a desktop PC(i7, 12GB Ram), so i am very happy from Windows 7 response time, it runs very smoothly on my machine and i had no problems whatsoever for the last year that i have been using it. I did not notice any difference in loading time for Windows 8 and it is not any faster for me than 7. As soon as i saw the user interface for 8 i said this is not for a desktop with a 23″ monitor 😛 I guess it will be fine for tablet users or people with low end computers as it is a stripped down version of Windows 7, it has lower system requirements. It is fast and i can navigate easily in it but it did not impress me in any way. The first problem i encountered in Windows 8 was that my wifi adapter was not recognized. I installed the drivers through the disk and restarted Windows 8. After the restart it got stuck in an endless loop of restarting, with a sad smiley face 🙁 and a message saying that my pc encountered a problem and had to restart. After i let it restart 2-3 times i booted back to Windows 7 and have not looked back. I understand that this is a consumer preview and that there is a lot of room for improvement for the PC version of Windows 8. What i know is that if the developers do not make significant changes it will be quite pointless for a pc user to upgrade from Windows 7 to 8. 

    That’s just my 2 cents :)Regards,John

  • Fedriu74

     win7 on my computer with 1GB DDR3 NVIDIA works very well.windows 8 often restarted my computer without my command and the computer  says the graphics driver has stopped working.The new driver with nvidias of Windows7 is installed, what is it then??

  • Juli

    OK – installed Windows 8, 32 bit OS on my Dell Inspiron 1090 – the convertible tablet – a total fresh install.  It went off without a hitch.

    Can’t say I’m overly impressed with the “Metro” start page, but haven’t really delved deeply into it yet.

    One thing – they have GOT to come up with a better stylus.  Writing a note with the ones currently made for iPads and iPhones just doesn’t work.  I’d like to see one along the lines of the stylus that my iPaq or other PDAs’ use.

    Will be playing with Win 8 this weekend.  See how it goes when I try installing my software that I use daily…

  • Nevinmann

    I’m running Windows 7 Professional. What happens if I install Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

    • 26702186

      I down loaded on the same as you Nevinmann and it was great down load.Used flash Drive it went fast,and I love it so far.Gene   

    • Gdbunnock

      Install only WINDOWS 8 and you will see the difference.  It is faster. Try it. Take your time to discover WINDOWS 8 CONSUMER PREVIEW. You will love it. Believe me.

  • Gaston Drolet

    I have a notebook ACER 3.0ghz–3gb DDR2…I love WINSDOWS 8..Faster than WINDOWS 7…Open very fast.. We don’t need password..To open APPLE push the button and shutdown, that is what i would like…I love the start menu..We see what we need. The update is faster..
    I would like to know   what date I can use WINDOWS 8 CONSUMER PREVIEW..I didn’t have problem..Perhaps i have a good ACER PRODUCT.. Merci beaucoup MICROSOFT HAVING ME TRY WINDOWS 8 CONSUMER PREVIEW…


  • Sarrebmat

    I need to remove this junk (windows 8) asap. My PC does not function with it installed. Help