Inside Windows 8: PC Settings - Personalize

Inside Windows 8: PC Settings – Personalize

In Windows 8, you can personalize a lot of the Operating System.

Today, we’ll look at the changes you can make to the Lock Screen, Start screen and Account picture.

You can get to these from the Charms > Settings > More PC Settings > Personalize

The Lock Screen

You can change the image that is used for the Lock screen.

Even more interesting is the Lock screen apps section where you can configure apps to run in the background and show quick status and notifications – even when your screen is locked.

The Start Screen

The Start Screen
The Start Screen

You can set the background design and color gradient here on these settings. You use the slider to change the background color settings.

Account Picture

Account Picture
Account Picture

Ignore my grumpy picture if you can 🙂

You can set the picture that Windows 8 uses for your account on the PC or tablet here. Whether it’s via a file on your desktop or a picture taken with your webcam.

What’s interesting is the Account picture apps.

Apparently you’ll be able to associate certain multimedia apps with the ability to take an account photo?

More on this later…

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