Inside Windows 8: The Messaging Application

The Messaging application is found in the Windows 8 Metro Interface.

Clicking on the tile gets you to this splash screen.

This takes you to the Messaging screen.

You can use this application to chat with other Windows 8 users who are on chat.

This app seems to be an attempt to compete with other Yahoo Messenger type applications and you will be able to chat straight from Metro.

  • NazmusLabs

    The chat integrates with Facebook. Whenever someone messages me on facebook, the app sends a push notification along with live tile description.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Good to know..

      • NazmusLabs

        By the way, looking at your screenshot, I can see you are already connected to Facebook. If you were curious, you could start a facebook chat from the app by right-clicking and clicking new. That will bring up your list of contacts, including facebook friends. Just click on a a contact to start chatting.

  • Adrian

    I like to use the desktop full screen, then when I get a message notification in the top-right corner, I click it, then snap the Messenger app to the right side of my screen.  Then I can continue working on the desktop while reading and replying to messages on the right.  I can do this very quickly just by clicking the notification, then pressing Ctrl+. then Ctrl+D.  If you prefer the left side, you can press Ctrl+. twice, then press Ctrl+D.