Inside Windows 8: The Reader Application

The Reader application is found on the Windows 8 Metro interface.

When you click on the tile, the following splash screen comes up…

It then takes you into the Windows 8 Reader application.

Here, you can open PDF files and well…read them   🙂

  • NazmusLabs

    Also want to note that this enables anyone to open PDF documents out of the box. When I first installed Win8, I had not yet installed Adobe reader. However, I had to open a pdf file, and luckily, double-clicking a pdf document opened the file on the reader.

    I do still need and use adobe reader because this default reader is missing some features I rely on.
    But this built in reader is important because we no longer have to worry if someone has a PDF reader installed when we send them a pdf file.

  • mazz72

    Would be nice if it opened Word docs too.