Inside Windows 8: The Remote Desktop application

The Remote Desktop application can be found on the Windows 8 Metro desktop.

Once you click on the tile, the following splash screen comes up…

Then the app screen comes up.

You need to enter the name of the remote PC in order to connect to it.

With this app, you can also do the following:

  • Work with apps and desktops that your admin sets up for you.
  • Connect to a PC on your corporate network without using a VPN

– we have to discuss that in detail later…

  • Timiteh

    This app is perhaps one of the most useful currently available on Windows 8 for IT people.
    This app combined with the app switcher, provide a quite powerful tool to work with the remote desktops.

    • Steve Steiner

      Especially on a tablet/touchscreen. Before now I have used others and liked them, but the features this gives me for touch will easily bring me back to Remote Desktop as my favorite way to control remote computers. I really wish it was as responsive as Splashtop Remote Desktop which I use on my personal computers. If splashtop and this could make a baby that would be about perfect. There really is a lot worth talking about with this one.

  • Suzane

    Thats it?!?! you post a new article just to show the screenshot of the RDP icon? Nice way to increase traffic. I was looking for some meaningful info on RDP.

    • Onuora Amobi

      I’m going through trying to document the entire Operating System. I’ll double back and go into detail where necessary.

  • Hsumeshhs

    is there any advantage to the learner to the computers?