Instagram Officially Arrives On The Windows Phone Store

More app news for the day! More specially, more Windows Phone 8 app news for the day! As was widely expected, the official Instagram app for Microsoft’s mobile operating system has just landed.

While the app is now available for download, it lacks some essential features including video support. But hey, at least we can strike off on app from the list that of mobile applications that people kept asking for — and that is good news.

The developers do acknowledge that this is bit of an advanced beta version of the application, and they have promised that it will see improvements as time goes by.

Nevertheless, the app does offer several features, many of which are included in the iOS and Android version of the official Instagram clients. Users can upload photos easily, though the functionality differs a bit form the other flavors of the app on competing platforms.

But users will, for the time being, not be able to tag people in photos or view maps for photos that have been geo tagged, so this is a bit of a downer.

Anyway, the release of the app is a bit of a win for Microsoft, as another big name app has arrived on its platform. With Windows Phone solidly sitting in third place on the mobile market share chart, Instagram could not have delayed the release any further.

Now all we need is the company to treat the app well, and not only add in the missing features, but also update it in parity with the iOS and Android versions of Instagram.

The Windows Phone Store houses the official Instagram app here.

  • Arnold

    Waze also arrived today.

  • Ray C

    Maybe they should do a Lumia commercials where they talk about uploading pics to Instagram as one of the things mentioned