The official Instagram client has been a bit of journey as far as mobile apps go. The biggest proponent of seeing an official Windows Phone 8 Instagram app has been Nokia, and the Finnish company has pushed long and hard for it.

Now rumors are swirling that the app could land on the Windows Phone Store as soon as next week.

Instagram, initially, denied plans for an app on Microsoft’s mobile operating system, but the release of the Vine app on the platform seems to have speed things up. And while we still do not have a confirmation straight from the company, a decently reliable source believes that the arrival is imminent.

A recent tweet from Nawzil claims that the app is a done deal and should be here soon:

“I was wrong about #InstagramWP release date. But the good news is it’s coming sooner. It’s coming in a week!”

There has been a substantial amount of hype and anticipation for the app, with many Windows Phone users clamoring for an official client. There have been a few third party — feature rich third party — apps for Instagram on the platform, yes, but some users insist on an official solution for obvious reasons.

If you are one such user, then the good news is that your wait seems almost over.

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