When I first started up Windows 8 Release Preview for the first time it seemed to install right, but within 24-hours it locked up to a point I had to re-install.

I have researched this problem and it doesn’t seem to be something that has happened to many people, though I know I’m not completely alone with this issue.

I would assume driver/hardware conflicts, but the funny thing is all worked well on the second attempt to install.

A much more common problem (or likely a ‘bug’) does exist out there though, and it has do with a CPU conflict.

The most common installation issue I researched has to do with attempting an install only to get the message “Your PC CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8”.

This seems to be a common problem with some users. There have been some users that have had luck fixing this issue, but apparently it isn’t always so easy.

Microsoft recommends checking to make sure the following BIOS items are enabled on your CPU: Physical Address Extension, NX and SSE2.

Honestly though, most BIOSes are going to have these features on by default if your processor supports them. If your processor doesn’t? It’s way to old to run Windows 8 Release Preview anyhow. It might not be a bad idea to update your BIOS though.

Will this guarantee that the problem is solved? Not at all, in fact, it seems this only works for a select few. The strange part is that these same users were all running Consumer Preview without a hitch.

Microsoft says it is likely a bug that they will fix before final release, but honestly, this just really bugs me (no pun intended).

Okay, I realize this isn’t a finished product BUT there is likely less than a half year now before the final product hits store shelves, shouldn’t all of this be just a little more smoothed out by now?

Another issue worth noting is that I was able to install Consumer Preview inside of Ubuntu using VirtualBox but Release Preview just locks up.

I’m not going to fault Microsoft for that one though – it could just be that VirtualBox isn’t updated to handle it yet.

The bottom-line is that installation and performance issues need to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

I like the direction Microsoft is going in with simplifying the operating system in Windows 8 (with Metro) and have confidence that Windows 8 will be well received eventually, even if there will likely be initial criticism and scepticism.

Like I’ve said before though, the way things are looking, and with the release so near, it is more than possible that Windows 8 will get off to a somewhat rocky start until the first major patch or two, or even the first Service Pack.

I’m curious, anyone else ran into my installation problem, or the CPU install bug mentioned above?

Had any virtualization issues or maybe even an error that I didn’t mention that either made your install not work or made the performance of Windows 8 not work so great?

Share with us below!

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  • xinu

    I had no problems installing Windows 8 (on a MBP 😉 ).

  • Tbobiwsky

    Yes I’m having the CPU issue too which confuses me
    Because the Beta installed fine!!

  • ekim007

    one machine confused it with (couldnt locate or create partition?) too many HDDs but installed OK after unplugging all but the drive I was installing on, one older laptop P4 has the CPU issue.. not resolved yet. All were running consumer preview well no probs! * made the old laptops hum… smiles..

  • ECM2

    Windows 8 Release Preview installed without a hitch on my desktop (homemade Opteron 185 socket 939), laptop (Dell Precision M4500), and tablet (Acer Iconia W500). However, my desktop has been freezing randomly.  It would not “wake up” a few times so I had to turn it off and back on. Never had these issues with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 8 Developer Preview.  Thus far, I have not encountered similar issues with my laptop and tablet. I noticed that W8RP runs more smoothly on my tablet compared to W8CP and W8DP but I must use it some more before I can say this is really the case.

  • Landonsommerfeld

    At first it would not allow me to log into any thing or to use the store, I finally resolved this by by switching my account type to local

  • Helgi M

    RP installed fine and runs alot smoother than CP did, especially with touch (running lenovo x220). However it is giving me more problems, e.g. froze or often in the first two days as RP did in three months (especially a problem with Google Chrome) and have been having problems with exchange in Mail which was never a problem in RP.

  • Doug Lawson

    I’m running dual P4-based Xeons, 3.23 GHz and RP would not install. Those CPUs are ancient. It’s too bad, because I was liking the Consumer Preview.

  • Thor Ronnow

    I had the CPU issue on both my laptop and my stationary computers. And it is worth mentioning that the stationary has a Intel I7 quardcore, that should be able to manage Win8..? But I got arround the problem in both cases by burning the iso to a dvd and boot installed it. On both computers it woorked the first time.

  • Leonard Philpott

    I am unable to run win8 and IE10 in virtualbox without a constant freeze. if I wait about 10 or 15 min. it will run for 30 sec.

  • Dave

    BOth of my laptops worked like a dream….was actually ready to scrap them as Win7 wouldn’t install on them. Loving WIn8 at the moment but I’m sure there will be issues down the track 🙂

  • Takimno1

    i run multiple hard drive booters, for different forms of windows7 video production applications,, the beta installed no problem,,, wellll, i installed the preview and it just played holy terror,juist like ubuntu,, it grabbed hold of the bcd and that was the end of that, i finally got windows 8 back off and i played holy hell rewriting all my bcd files,, i finally got them to where my master boot menu came back to me,,, kind of gun shy now,,i really liked 8 beta,,, but i will have to do with this like i did with linux, unplug all my main drives till i get it loaded then address it from the dualboot i am using. but kinda spooked as to even if i did that if it would try to take control again,,anyone else hit that problem?

  • bruno_ph

    i was able to install RP flawlessly via usb boot.

    I have intel i3-2100.
    I also have the windows 8 AMD-ATI GPU driver. 

    my problem is FREEZE desktop, even with only one installation (google chrome).

    I am having more freeze with RP than CP.

  • Adrian

    No problems here.  Both Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 8 Release Preview installed on my laptop first time.  I had some problems with IE10 in the Consumer Preview, but they’ve disappeared since I installed the Release Preview.  Occasionally, I get a Metro app refuse to start, but then I just wait a couple of minutes and try again and then it works.  Hopefully, this issue will be fixed in the final Windows 8.

  • Cbaumgartner

    While DP and CP both installed as dual boot with Windows 7, RP announced that it could not find the partition it had created and refused to install. When I removed all other drives it then installed and operated correctly with the other drives reconnected. I have been hoping with each new release that I would like Windows 8 but as I try very hard to like it I find it just doesn’t do it for me. I am now pursuaded I will give Windows 8 a pass. This will be the very first version of windows since 3.1 that I will not buy! I am thankful that MS gave me a chance to try this version before I threw away money on it like I did on ME and Vista. 7 for the forseeable future!

  • aseries

    Windows 8 installed just fine in an AMD gaming notebook, an ATOM netbook, an AMD gaming desktop and an Intel desktop. No issues with any drivers or devices and I have a pretty good range of stuff; Bluetooth, TV card, external hard drives, an oddball LCD monitor, wireless network and TV over HDMI. My only issue is the 16 GB SSD in the netbook is too small to run the Release Preview upgrade. Contrast this to nasty problems installing and/or running the latest Ubuntu and Mint Linux releases on most of the same hardware.

    • Kokobill

      …what about online games….did you try it already..COD4 MW for example…anything but MS games..???? I need your answer..OK..

  • Gdbunnock

    I have install WINDOWS 8 RP twice. The second time it runs well. It’s ok now. 

  • SoldierSymes

    I installed WINDOWS 8 RP on my laptop.  The beta worked fine but when I installed the RP my wireless modem no longer works.  Everything else seems to work but I have no way of checking the internet functions.  I will have to try to re-install it to see if that fixes the problem

  • darkpr0fit

    No problems here. Installed both Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 8 Release Preview in a Vmware Workstation VM. Had no issues in Virtuallization either. Still not sure regarding the interface though, and firmly believe that companies and other large organization will stay with windows 7, for the time being. Windows 8 constitutes too large a investment in re-training, and support at this time.

  • Kokobill

    ..and, yes, installation goes fine, no problems at all, it works fine, my mashine is a bit older one…it`s Intel P43 Chipset, 4 GB RAM , Core2Duo E8400 and nVidia 9600 GT . Not a single issue with RP ver, except can`t play online any game but Ms`s. Not fair. Do they plan to fix this….and when…???

  • Kokobill

    ..I can`t read all of these comments really now, but I`m talking this issue all the time and nobody`s replaying…no ONLINE gaming on Windows 8 OS…and I can`t belive that MS just don`t care about. So many people are online gaming, so what MS expects? I`ll buy Windows 8 even if I can`t play COD MW online, well I`m not that stupid…not exchanging a goat for a horn (local say)…hard to belive…